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2021 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

Get Started Creating Your Own Thanksgiving Menu!

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and though our gatherings might be smaller than in years past, we can still take time to prepare and enjoy delicious food with love and gratitude. This roundup of 100+ vegan Thanksgiving recipes includes appetizers, soups, salads, mains, sides, and desserts made with whole-food ingredients, for a healthful, truly nourishing feast. Browse recipes by category and use the “Add to Menu” feature to build a custom Thanksgiving menu you can email to yourself. Or, if you’d rather leave the menu-building to us, download our Thanksgiving e-cookbook featuring an all-new menu by FOK Chef Darshana Thacker.

vegan thanksgiving recipes 2020 menu
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FOK Thanksgiving 2020 e-Cookbook

Usher in the holiday season with our deliciously festive plant-based menu.

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