We’ve shared the value of a plant-based diet. Now it’s time to show you. Introducing the Forks Over Knives online cooking course, designed to help you learn new techniques, flavors, and styles to live your very best life.

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Our next online cooking course begins January 3rd. Secure your spot today - space is limited

Discover new styles

You too can make food that looks and tastes great.

Mediterranean Burger
Breakfast Scramble
Banana Ice Cream
Miso Glazed Squash
Tomato Red Bell Pepper Soup

What graduates are saying

I have learned more in these past ten weeks than I had thought possible! Well done, the course is terrific.

Mairead Reddy, Columbus, OH

This cooking course enabled me to make delicious dishes. My husband now describes me as an amazing cook.

Lisa Kokx, High Point, NC

They've shown me how flavorful plant-based cooking can be! I've also learned how I can prepare these delicious meals without using oil.

Debra Jones, Grandville, MI

I am relatively new to this way of eating and feel much more knowledgeable and equipped now to continue successfully with it in the future.

Caroline Crosbie

As a nutritionist I wanted to help my patients to eat healthier, and now I can do it.

Francesca Salimbeni, Ancona, Italy

My family loved tasting all of the new dishes, and it has expanded my repertoire of meals to make during the week. I give this course FIVE STARS!!!

Debby Blackhurst, Grantsville, UT

Learn Core Skills

Whether you’re just making the transition to a plant-based diet, or want to learn how to expand your skills in the kitchen, this is the plant-based online cooking course for you.

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Recognized by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation as a Quality Program

“Your program adds depth and great value to the precepts of quality culinary education, and we are excited to be able to promote your achievements.”

You will earn 30 CEHs from the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation upon successful completion of this course.

To keep the quality high and provide ample access to our instructors, we can accept only a limited amount of students. Sign up now to make sure you get a spot!

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Our next online cooking course begins January 3rd. Secure your spot today - space is limited

Common Questions

The online cooking class will cover a variety of subjects relevant to healthy vegan cooking. From how to properly cut with a knife to the best way to prepare vegetables, tubers, whole grains, and legumes. This course focuses on whole-food vegan and foundational plant-based cooking techniques to build your confidence in the kitchen.

Yes, students have 90 days to satisfactorily complete all activities and pass the online cooking course. The course is self-paced and designed to allow you to learn to cook online 24/7 from any high-speed internet device.

Most students should expect to spend 20 hours or more per month, averaging 5+ hours a week. This will vary by person based on your learning style and experience with plant-based vegan cooking. Just remember, you may be eating any recipes you prepare!

The cooking course is self-paced, meaning there are no specific dates to submit assignments or attend class. The course is available to you 24/7 from any high-speed internet device. You can master plant-based vegan cooking on your own schedule. The only limitation is that you must complete the course within three months.

You won’t miss anything. The online cooking school was designed to allow students to self-pace. There are no specific dates to submit assignments or attend class. If you want to learn to cook online, on your own schedule - this is the place for you. Note, however, the course must be completed within three months.

Rouxbe offers online cooking courses in over 180 countries, so there should be no issue accessing the course from wherever you are, assuming your internet connection is sufficient.

You’ll need a basic set of pots, pans, standard bakeware, mixing bowls, serving bowls, utensils, knives, a steamer basket, and standard blender. For even more success, we also recommend a basic food processor and high-speed blender. We’ll discuss these requirements in the first section of the online cooking course.

No, cooking assignments are entirely optional and not graded. You won’t have to make any recipes that don’t fit within your specific diet plan. This plant-based vegan cooking course is about learning the foundational plant-based cooking techniques. Further, a key goal of our class is to give you the knowledge and information needed for you to confidently make appropriate modifications or adaptations to fit your specific dietary needs.

We pride ourselves on providing students with the support they need to become better, more confident, cooks. Throughout the course, you’ll have multiple opportunities to engage with our instructors. This includes regular live Q&A sessions. Additionally, there are discussion forums where you can engage with anyone who’s learning how to cook.

To pass this online cooking course you’ll need to score above 75% - something we are confident you can accomplish easily as we set you up for success. Leave it to us to get you inspired and practicing plant-based cooking!

Once you pay for this course, 25% is immediately non-refundable. We understand that sometimes circumstances beyond your control may require you to withdraw from a course, and want to be supportive in those cases. We’ll work with you on a case by case basis if any circumstance arises within the first week of your course. However, after seven days, we no longer offer refunds.

While there are no formal prerequisites, Rouxbe does have expectations for our students. They must be active learners who have the desire to take the time to cook each week. They must be self-motivated and excited to learn about whole-food vegan cooking. You’ll get the most value out of this online cooking course if you practice regularly, which means plenty of food to cook and share!

We know it’s a new thing. In fact, it’s the only thing of its kind. Please reach out if you have any questions. We’re here to help.