What Is Umami? The 10 Best Plant-Based Sources

Want to tap into the power of umami to add more flavor and satisfaction to your cooking? Here’s everything you need to…

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Vegan Strong Plantbuilt Team Heads Back to the Mr. America Competition with New Member Briana Jones

Photo by Charlotte Foerschler She’s a mother, nurse, marathon runner, and Navy veteran…and now Briana Jones is hoping to add another title…

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It’s Never Too Late: How I Improved My Health at Age 80 with a WFPB Diet

I didn’t expect to improve my health at age 80, but that’s what happened. It started in 2018, when my daughter became…

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Physicians, Survivors Rally Across U.S. to Demand Better Breast-Cancer Prevention Efforts

With more than 240,000 cases of breast cancer diagnosed annually in the U.S., it’s high time to “beat the drum” and demand…

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New Cookbook ‘Seed to Plate, Soil to Sky’ Highlights Plant-Based Traditions of Native Americans

Prior to European contact, Native American diets were largely plant-based—a legacy that chefs Lois Ellen Frank, PhD, and Walter Whitewater aim to…

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Ditch Processed Vegan Cheese for These 3 Homemade Vegan Cheesy Toppings

Looking for some cheesy satisfaction? These easy homemade vegan cheese toppings use whole-food ingredients to deliver a delicious cheesy flavor to your…

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A Healthy Plant-Based Diet May Slow the Aging Process, New Study Finds

Among the sea of anti-aging products, treatments, and regimens currently on the market, there’s one daily habit that new research suggests actually…

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Watermelon Salsa, Pickles, Poke, and More: Savory Ways to Enjoy the Juicy Fruit

A classic American snack, watermelon is more than just a sweet treat on hot summer days: The versatile fruit’s bright red flesh…

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Cook’s Guide to Fresh Chile Peppers

When it comes to chile peppers, cooks fall in two camps: the fiery-food lovers who think the more chiles the better, and…

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Goodbye, GERD and Arthritis Pain: I’m Thriving in My 50s on a Plant-Based Diet

As a kid growing up in the ’70s, I typically had sugary cereal or bacon and eggs for breakfast. Lunch was usually…

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New Netflix Docuseries ‘Secrets of the Blue Zones’ Reveals How to Live to 100

In the United States, the average life expectancy recently dropped to 76 years—the lowest it’s been in the past two decades. Extensive…

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What Is Chickpea Flour? Everything You Need to Know About Buying, Making, and Using this Gluten-Free Wonder

Finely ground, flavorful, and extremely versatile, chickpea flour is a gluten-free flour that should be in every kitchen. Read on for everything…

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