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Webinar: What Causes Type 2 Diabetes (It’s Not Sugar!) and How to Reverse It, With Neal Barnard, MD, FACC

1 in 3 Americans have prediabetes. Most don’t know they have it. According to CDC estimates, more than 37 million Americans are…

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Is the Nutr Machine Worth It? Our Honest Review of the At-Home Plant-Milk Maker

Like many of us, Alicia Long never fully looked at the ingredient label on the plant-based milk she bought every week. But…

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How I Transformed My Health in My 60s on a Plant-Based Diet

As a young man I was very athletic, playing high school and college football as a wide receiver. That position required a…

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Healthy Vegan Costco Finds: What Plant-Based Pros Buy at the Big Box Store

Following a whole-food, plant-based diet isn’t just good for your health; it’s also a smart move for your finances, with research showing…

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Paradise Found: 7 Plant-Based Resorts on Our Bucket List

In need of a little R&R? These incredible vegan resorts from around the world will inspire the travel bug and tempt your…

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The Best Low-Fat, Low-Sugar Granola Recipe + 5 Flavor Variations

Most store-bought granolas are packed full of oil, sugar, and sodium, but our easy oil-free granola recipe transforms this breakfast staple from…

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Qigong For Beginners: How an Ancient Chinese Practice Can Improve Your Health

Curious about cultivating a mindfulness practice that isn’t quite as rigorous as yoga? Qigong (pronounced “chee-gong”) may be the modality for you….

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What Is Celeriac? Get to Know and Love the Homely Root Vegetable

Celeriac, aka celery root, may not be the prettiest vegetable on the produce display—but don’t be put off by its brown, knobby…

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I Beat Heart Disease and Lost 44 Pounds in 9 Months Without Portion Control

For much of my adult life, I carried 50 to 60 pounds excess weight. I’m 5-foot-3, and at my heaviest, I weighed…

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Vegan Diet Significantly Better for the Environment than Mediterranean Diet: New Research

Following an entirely vegan diet may be significantly better for the environment than the Mediterranean diet, according to new research published in…

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Cheap Eats: Toni Okamoto’s New Plant-Based on a Budget Cookbook Makes Vegan Meals Accessible for All

A commonly cited obstacle amongst people considering going vegan is the perceived cost. And it makes sense: Many Westerners build their diets…

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Plant-Based Foods May Slow the Spread of Prostate Cancer, Reduce Recurrence: New Study

Eating more plant-based foods, such as fruits and vegetables, could help reduce the progression of prostate cancer and significantly decrease its chance…

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