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Miso: the Flavor-Boosting Staple That Should Always Be in Your Fridge

Miso, the flavorful fermented soybean paste that gives miso soup its name, has a multitude of uses in a whole-food, plant-based kitchen….

miso paste in a ramekin on a wooden cutting board with a wooden spoon inserted into the paste see article

New Study Links Plant-Based Diets with Lower Risk of Fatal Prostate Cancer

New research provides fresh evidence that plant-rich diets may protect against prostate cancer.  The study, published in the November 2021 issue of…

Man's hands holding a knife and chopping a bell pepper on a cutting board, with other vegetables - Plant-based diets have been shown to reduce risks of prostate cancer see article

18 Best Gifts for Healthy Home Cooks

With supply-chain issues threatening to make holiday shopping more unpredictable this year, nabbing those Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals makes more…

A collage of gifts for healthy home cooks in 2021 see article

Overcoming Myasthenia Gravis Symptoms on a Plant-Based Diet

In the fall of 1992, I started feeling some minor muscular weakness. I didn’t think too much of it, until one day…

An older couple shown standing together and smiling, with a plain background. Fran German, on the left, suffered from myasthenia gravis for years see article

Vegan Diet Linked to Lower Medication Use In Old Age

Older adults who eat vegan may need significantly fewer prescription drugs than their non-vegetarian counterparts, according to new research. A study published…

A weekly medication holder is stuffed full of pills against a blue background see article

What Is Wild Rice, and How Do You Cook It?

Wild rice comes from the seed of an aquatic grass plant, the grains of which are harvested as wild rice. It is…

Wild rice in a bag and scoop on a wooden table see article

A Life-Threatening Stroke Spurred Me to Try a Plant-Based Diet, and I’ve Never Looked Back

Growing up in Southeastern Pennsylvania, I was a pretty active kid. I lived for playing outdoors with my brothers, Bryan and Bobby,…

Mike Lewis - On the left, in his hospital bed immediately after his stroke and seizure, on the right, two years later, on a mountain bike, looking healthier see article

What Is Lifestyle Medicine?

The field of lifestyle medicine is rapidly making its way into mainstream conversations around chronic disease, diet, and sustainable patient care. But…

A doctor with a white coat and stethoscope writes notes with vegetables on the table in the foreground see article

All About Grapes: Varieties, Tips, and Recipes

Bite-size and super-sweet with edible skins and minimal seeds (or none at all), grapes are as close to fruit perfection as it…

grapes - three types of table grapes on a table see article

How Wayne State’s Medical School Became the First in the U.S. to Require Plant-Based Nutrition Education

Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit is the first college in the United States to introduce a mandatory plant-based nutrition…

a man with a shirt that says "plant based nutrition group" speaks to a lecture hall of medical students see article

Webinar Replay: Breast Cancer–Kicking Strategies


see article

5 Reasons to Cut Back on Sodium

Sodium is essential: It helps conduct nerve impulses, control muscles, and regulate fluid levels. But when we eat too much of it—as…

Highlighted bones of woman jogging on grass, showcasing stronger bones as a benefit of reducing sodium see article

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