The Home Cook’s Guide to Growing Edible Flowers

Edible flowers are an easy finishing touch that can turn a standard salad into a work of art. Unfortunately, the high price…

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New Research: Making Plant-Based Meals the Default in Dining Halls Can Help Meet Climate Goals

Presenting plant-based meals as the default option in university dining halls can reduce daily food-related greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 24%, finds…

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Yoga for Sleep: Yoga Nidra 101 + Restorative Poses That Work

When you envision a soothing bedtime activity, yoga might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Images of handstands and…

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Tabitha Brown on Her New Line of Salt-Free Seasonings

Tabitha Brown’s review of a tempeh BLT in 2017 may have been what made her famous, but spend a few minutes watching…

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After a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Spurred Me to Go Plant-Based, I Feel Like the Energizer Bunny

For most of my life, I didn’t struggle with any health issues at all. I exercised, drank in moderation, and ate what…

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Beating Diabetes with Diet: Sharon Palmer’s New Guide Provides an Approachable Plant-Based Plan

Sharon Palmer (aka The Plant-Powered Dietitian) is beloved for her engaging plant-based cookbooks and blog, which are backed up by several decades…

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How to Peel a Kiwi + Kiwi Recipes to Try

In 1959, growers in New Zealand rebranded their Chinese gooseberry crops as “kiwifruit” for export to the United States. They named the…

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The Ultimate Whole Grain Gluten-Free Flour Recipe: Our Favorite Blend Plus Baking Tips

Gluten-conscious bakers rejoice! The gluten-free flour options available to cooks keep getting better and better. To use them in your favorite recipes,…

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Living in Survival Mode? Try These Techniques to Relax and Feel More Grounded

Editor’s Note: Matthew Lederman, MD, and Alona Pulde, MD—longtime Forks Over Knives contributors and the authors of The Forks Over Knives Plan—released…

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Fluffy Whole Wheat Pancakes, Plus 5 Variations to Try

Brighten up breakfast (or dinner) with our fluffy whole wheat vegan pancakes recipe, plus mix-and-match add-in and topping ideas to create a…

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Breaking the Cycle of Deprivation: I Lost Weight and Resolved Several Health Issues on a WFPB Diet

I hail from Kansas City, Missouri (a town known for its barbecue), and grew up on the standard American diet, with lots…

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Sore From a Long Day at Work? Try These 13 Desk Yoga Poses to Fight Stiffness

It’s no secret that sitting at a desk for eight hours a day takes a toll on your body. Numerous studies—including a…

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