39 Simple Vegan Black Bean Recipes That Will Change Your Life

By Lisa Esile, MS,

Native to the American continent, black beans star in tasty dishes worldwide, from Mexican-inspired soups and tacos to Caribbean stews, vegan brownies, and beyond. Their mild earthy flavor makes them an easy go-to when adding extra oomph to a dish. When blended, black beans offer a moist texture and fudgy consistency, which works surprisingly well in dips, wrap fillings, and even baking. Here are some of our favorite vegan black bean recipes to try today. Many come together quickly and are perfect for busy weeknights. Black beans are a staple healthy convenience food; they can truly change the game and simplify healthy eating for busy cooks.

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vegan lettuce cups

Black Bean, Corn, and Roasted Red Pepper Lettuce Cups

Making these crowd-pleasing lettuce cups is as simple as combining the ingredients in a bowl and serving. Black beans and corn get a juicy lift from fresh mango, while cherry tomatoes lend tang and jarred roasted bell peppers add sweetness. Lime zest and juice bring a citrusy bite. Sheri writes, “Absolutely delicious. [The filling’s] great on top of salad, too.”
Chipotle Black Bean Dip in a red bowl, with chips on the side

Chipotle Black Bean Dip

Looking for an alternative to hummus that’s just as versatile? In this tasty dip, lemon juice gives a bright lift to earthy black beans, while onion and garlic add sweet, meaty flavor. What really gets your taste buds hopping is a dollop of smoky chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. A reviewer writes, “The family likes this! It is also great for tostadas with all my favorite toppings!”
Healthy Brownies

Outrageously Healthy Black Bean Brownies

These naturally sweetened top-rated vegan brownies from Chef AJ offer fudgy chocolate flavor that impresses non-vegans and vegans alike. They’re simple, too: Blend black beans with date paste and cocoa powder in a food processor, then add oats and raising agents. That's it! Don't be surprised if, before long, you're quadrupling the mix and freezing them for quick and easy snacks to eat and share with others. Shares a fan, "Wow! Made these yesterday, and I was licking the bowl like a child. These brownies are fantastic, and I will be making them again."
20-Minute Black Bean Tacos in a white bowl

20-Minute Black Bean Tacos

These tasty vegan black bean tacos are a quick and hearty meal for when time is tight or when you have limited kitchen equipment, such as in a hotel, dorm room, or camping. Corn (you can use frozen or canned) adds color and sweetness, avocado keeps things creamy, and taco seasoning gives a rounded, spicy flavor with moderate heat. Heat it all up in a microwave or on the stovetop and serve in warm corn tortillas. Jacqueline writes, “Delicious! I’m hooked!”

Corn and Black Bean Cakes

Sick of all your regular meals? Can’t think of anything to cook? These kid-friendly vegan corn and black bean fritters are hearty but with a sweet, mild flavor. Top with tomato salsa, vegan sour cream, or oil-free guacamole. Shares a fan, “I’ve made this so many times, and it’s so good.”
Caribbean Sweet Potato Stew in tan ceramic bowls with a side of green sauce in a small bowl

Caribbean Sweet Potato Stew

Infused with warming spices and fresh ginger, this scrumptious sweet potato and black bean stew will warm you up on a cold evening. The genius of this dish is a delicious zesty green herb sauce. Stir some of the sauce into whole grain rice and use the rest as a garnish with toasted coconut flakes to give it a tropical flair. A reviewer writes, “Delicious! I loved the Caribbean Green Sauce mixed with the rice. I didn’t have a poblano or Fresno pepper, so I substituted a little jalapeño for some kick. Overall, the dish was very flavorful and filling.”
Air Fryer Taquitos Recipe

Air-Fryer Taquitos with Cauliflower and Black Beans

Crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside, these tasty taquitos are filled with black beans, cauliflower rice, and mushrooms. Taco seasoning, onion, and garlic boost the flavor, creating a succulent mix that melts in the mouth. A fan writes, “I don’t even like cauliflower, but these were seriously good. Even my teenage son said they were fantastic after he hesitantly tried one. Definitely doing again.”
Black Bean Salad

Easy Black Bean Salad

Ready in only eight minutes, this simple bean and corn salad by Ann and Jane Esselstyn sits pleasantly on the palate, filling you up without giving you that sinking feeling. Lime juice adds a bright flavor, balsamic vinegar delivers a tasty tang, and cilantro provides a refreshing mouth feel. A commenter notes, “Excellent salad and easy to put together. I didn’t have water chestnuts (or the suggested jicama) but found that celery and apples are good substitutes and provided the important crunch to the salad.”

Mango and Black Bean Tacos

Looking for a simple meal to wow family and friends? These finger-licking good tacos feature earthy beans, creamy avocado, and juicy mango. Flavor enhancers such as sharp red onion, tangy lime juice, and cooling cilantro elevate the dish into something special. Serve in warm corn tortillas, and prepare to devour. A commenter writes, “I love this and have it all the time! I eat in tacos, salad, or with chips like a salsa.”
Black beans are not usually added to this popular Mexican rice dish, but their addition makes this Green Chile Rice recipe into a one-pot meal.

Green Chile Rice with Black Beans

In this fresh take on a popular Mexican rice dish, spinach, cilantro, green chiles, and poblano pepper add green color and bold flavor to whole grain rice. Black beans add extra oomph, lime zest adds a citrusy tang, and cumin keeps things grounded. A commenter shares, “This was so so good!!! My teen girls and hubby loved it! (And I have some seriously picky eaters!) … I put the jalapeños on the side for those of us that are spice [averse].”
Two vegan five-ingredient veggie burgers with homemade patties and vegan cheese and slices of onion and tomato, shown from the side, in wrappers

Five-Ingredient Veggie Burger

These fan-favorite black bean patties are seasoned with chili powder and lime juice and are a healthy alternative to processed veggie patties. No eggs are required; instead, rolled oats bind them together. Pro tip: Be sure to let them chill for at least 20 minutes before cooking. A fan writes, “These burgers are great and so easy to make. I make 3-4 batches at a time, and they freeze wonderfully.”
Vegan Taco Salad Bowls on a light pink plate

Vegan Taco Salad Bowls

This Tex-Mex-style salad served in edible tortilla bowls is a hit with kids and adults alike. Chewy quinoa (or any whole grain you like) pairs perfectly with creamy black beans and sweet corn. Add some tangy pico de gallo, smooth avocado, and a squeeze of lime juice to ramp up the flavors for a truly memorable meal. A convert writes, “Delicious and nutritious, and I love the bowls!”
Zucchini Corn and Black Bean Soup

Zucchini, Corn, and Black Bean Soup

This summery veggie soup gets its creaminess from a silky almond milk broth. Potato, onion, and garlic give body to the soup, while zucchini and corn add a light veggie freshness. Rustic black beans add sturdiness, and a snip of fresh thyme finishes it in style. A commenter writes, “One of my very favorite recipes! I’ve made this countless times. … After a few times, I switched to water or vegetable stock instead of milk.”
Southwestern Savory Oatmeal topped with avocado and salsa in a white bowl

Southwestern Savory Oatmeal

Elevate your breakfast routine with this savory bowl of Tex-Mex-inspired oatmeal. Tender sweet potatoes and earthy black beans seasoned with cumin and chili powder produce a hearty meal that’ll change how you think about oatmeal. Serve with avocado, salsa, cilantro, lime wedges, and fresh jalapeño chile pepper. A fan writes, “My husband and I really enjoy the different flavors in this recipe! Sweet AND Savory! I never cook plain oatmeal anymore! This is so much better!”

Orange Black Bean Taquitos

Skip the meat and dairy in traditional taquitos and enjoy these flavor-packed vegan ones, which feature an aromatic orange-infused black bean filling. Serve with Spiked Sour Cream and salsa for a fun, family-friendly meal. A reviewer shares, "This is hands down the most delicious recipe on this site, and so simple! I made a huge batch of them and stuck them in the freezer. Try them! You won't be disappointed."
Grilled Black Bean Veggie Burgers on a white serving tray

Grilled Black Bean Veggie Burgers

Seasoned with smoky paprika, tangy tomato sauce, and umami-rich soy sauce, these black bean patties will be the main attraction at your next cookout. Flaxseed, cooked brown rice, and panko breadcrumbs serve as a binder for these divine vegan black bean burgers, which are healthier and tastier than store-bought. Note: To make these gluten-free, try tamari instead of soy sauce and certified gluten-free rolled oats instead of breadcrumbs.

Polenta–Black Bean Medallions with Spicy Salsa

Don’t you love fancy-looking food that tastes amazing and is a cinch to make? These savory polenta and black bean cakes are that type of dish. The rich, satisfying flavor of seasoned polenta cooked with leeks and black beans makes an ideal base for these hand-held bites. Once the polenta has cooled and set, cut it into medallions with a cookie cutter; then bake, and top with spicy salsa and creamy guacamole. Note: This dish would also work as a casserole. For a quicker option, check out Polenta with Black Beans and Mango Salsa, which uses store-bought polenta packaged in rolls as the base.
Sopa de Nopales in green bowls surrounded by lemon wedges, cactus paddles, and red pepper flakes

Sopa de Nopales

If you’re new to the world of cactus, then you’re in for a treat. In this Mexican-inspired soup, nopales (cactus) become viscous and readily absorb the flavor of the savory vegetable-loaded broth. Hearty black beans anchor the soup, corn adds sweetness and color, and green peas lend juicy sweetness. Serve this wholesome soup as it comes or with a side of corn tortillas or tortilla chips.
Chocolaty Black Bean Pancakes with sliced bananas on a cream colored plate

Chocolaty Black Bean Pancakes

Wondering what black beans are doing in pancakes? We get it. But trust us on this one. Blended with milk in a high-speed blender, black beans add creaminess and heft without a “beany” aftertaste. Talk about a win-win. Note: To make these gluten-free, use gluten-free flour and certified gluten-free oats. A fan shares, “These were very tasty and satisfying, and I love adding fiber-rich beans to an otherwise fiber-poor meal!”
Tamale Waffles with Black Bean Hash on a grey countertop

Tamales-Inspired Waffles with Black Bean Hash

Made with cornmeal, masa harina, and almond flour, these tasty corn waffles are light and have a mild, sweet flavor that combines well with any topping. One reviewer calls them her “favorite FOK waffle.” For a satisfying meal, top with an easy black bean and veggie hash, salsa, avocado, and jalapeño (optional). Another fan writes, “These were delicious! Even my ‘must have mega flavor’ husband and picky adult son loved them!”
sweet potato quesadilla topped with guacamole - one of many plant based recipes

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Quesadillas

These vegan quesadillas by best-selling author Rip Esselstyn are a longtime favorite among readers. A filling of mashed sweet potatoes, salsa, rice, and fresh spinach gets melt-in-your-mouth good when spread between corn tortillas and cooked for a few minutes. As one reader puts it: “Best quesadillas ever!! I have made them a few times. They are so filling, not to mention delicious!! I never thought I would enjoy sweet potatoes in them, but they are what make it so good!”

Quick Black Bean Tostadas

Quick to prepare and loved by all ages, these black bean tostadas are a great go-to meal for busy nights. Throw the corn tortillas in the oven to get crispy, and warm the black bean hash while they cook. Serve with lettuce, cilantro, avocado, salsa, or anything else you fancy. “Deeeeeelicous!!” writes one reviewer. We agree!
Grilled Corn Salad with Jalapeño Dressing in a cream colored bowl with a side of toasted bread slices

Grilled Corn Salad with Jalapeño Dressing

In this light summer salad, hearty black beans, smoky corn kernels, sharp red onion, and crunchy bell pepper come together in perfect Mexican-inspired harmony. The spicy jalapeño dressing offers body to the dish, and lime juice, maple syrup, and Dijon mustard round out the flavors. Talk about powering up the healthy way!
Black Bean-Avocado Wraps on a white plate

Black Bean-Avocado Wraps

Filled with a hearty black bean mash, these standout wraps are a godsend. Lime juice and chili powder add refreshing flavor, while sweet mango, sharp red onion, and silky avocado ensure every mouthful is exquisite. Enjoy as a snack, meal on-the-go, or cut into bite-sized pieces as an appetizer. A delighted fan writes, “Omgosh. This is so delicious. I prepared the recipe as directed and put the wraps on my panini press to serve crunchy and warm.”
Black Bean Polenta Cakes with Pepper-Cilantro Salsa on a green plate

Black Bean Polenta Cakes with Pepper-Cilantro Salsa

Hearty black beans add substance to these savory polenta cakes, while a bit of chili powder elevates the flavor perfectly. You’ll be amazed at how easy these cakes are. Just simmer the polenta with spices and vegetable broth (or water), then chill in the fridge for a few hours. Once cooled, cut into slices and bake (or grill), then top them with a sweet and smoky roasted bell pepper salsa. A commenter shares, “​​Delicious! Love these lime-roasted veggies.”
Southwest Salad Bowls with Quick Mango Salsa in white ceramic bowls

Southwest Salad Bowls with Quick Mango Salsa

Rich in texture, color, and flavor, these Southwest salad bowls feature layers of healthy ingredients you will be dying to dig your fork into. A fresh base of massaged kale melds well with nutty quinoa, earthy black beans, sweet corn, crunchy jicama, and silky avocado. Top with a blend of salsa, mango, and lime juice, and garnish with cilantro, scallions, and jalapeño.
Creamy Polenta with Jalapeño Tomato Sauce in light blue ceramic bowls against a blue fabric background

Creamy Polenta with Jalapeño Tomato Sauce

In this ultra-comforting meal, a spicy tomato sauce infuses creamy polenta with rich, aromatic flavor. Black beans add heft to the sauce, fresh corn adds color and sweetness, and chopped jalapeño dials up the heat for those who like it spicy. This sauce would be excellent over baked potatoes, pasta, or other cooked grains.
rice and beans

Costa Rican Rice and Beans (Gallo Pinto)

Gallo pinto is a classic breakfast dish of Costa Rica featuring sautéed red bell pepper, onion, and garlic cooked with rice and beans. Top with Salsa Lizano (or other hot sauce) for authentic Costa Rican flavor. A reviewer gushes, “This is my go-to recipe for beans and rice combo. I love that it’s super quick with so few ingredients.”
Black Bean and Plantain Burgers with Salvadoran Corn Tortillas on a wood cutting board

Black Bean and Plantain Burgers with Salvadoran Corn Tortillas

These top-shelf vegan burgers take a little preparation but are worth the effort. The plantain-black bean patties have a sweet, earthy flavor that works well with crunchy slaw and a spicy pepita sauce. Serve on thick Salvadoran-style corn tortillas, which you can make yourself. A reviewer writes, “This took a while for me to make (even using store-bought corn tortillas since I couldn’t find masa harina), but it was worth it. The pepita sauce was perfect! A delicious combination of flavors and very filling.”
Sweet Potato Crostini with Avocado Salsa on a light pink serving tray

Sweet Potato Crostini with Avocado Salsa

Looking for a fun and pleasing appetizer that’ll impress all your guests? We’ve got you covered. Rounds of baked sweet potato make the perfect bite-size base and taste incredible, topped with a Mexican-inspired salsa that combines avocado, hearty black beans, sweet corn, and spicy jalapeño. Garnish with fresh tomato, cilantro, and a pinch of chili powder.
A Caribbean-inspired black bean soup, served over brown rice, topped with diced mango relish, in a white bowl atop a blue plate next to a spoon

Caribbean Black Bean Soup with Mango Relish

Satisfying, healthy, and simple to make, this Caribbean-inspired soup is one to add to your regular rotation. A savory broth seasoned with pumpkin pie spice and cayenne pepper perfectly complements tender sweet potato and dense black beans. A tangy-sweet mango relish spooned on top turns this yummy soup into a culinary masterpiece. Note: You can use fresh or frozen mango. A fan writes, “I love this recipe! It’s easy to make, hearty, and flavorful. My parents converted to WFPB eating after I made this for them. Make a double batch because you will want leftovers!”

Black Bean and Corn Chili

This vegan chili is the ultimate comfort food, featuring a velvety tomato sauce and rich chili flavor. Loads of veggies such as corn, green bell pepper, and celery create a hearty backdrop, while black beans add meaty flavor. A commenter writes, “A great substitute for chili con Carne and flexible if you want to use different vegetables. I will definitely be making this again!”

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Soup

Packed with everyday ingredients and fragrant with earthy, warming spices, this blended tomato and black bean soup demands to be gobbbled up! Sweet potatoes and black beans added later in cooking give the soup texture, and a garnish of cilantro, avocado, and lime wedges soften the flavor. Writes a reader, “This soup is amazing! It is so flavorful! I didn’t have all the ingredients and used jarred fire-roasted peppers instead of fresh. Also, I used low-sodium vegetable broth instead of water. Gosh, it’s so good!”

Black Bean Burgers

If you’ve already prepared cooked rice and black beans, these oven-baked vegan patties come together quickly and only take 30 minutes to bake. Salsa and spices add to the flavor, while cornmeal gives bulk. Serve with a whole grain bun, between romaine lettuce leaves, or on a bed of fresh spinach. Garnish with all the usual burger accouterments, such as a slice of tomato, ketchup, onion, and mustard. A fan raves, “Wonderful recipe. It exceeded my expectations! I can’t believe just how well they held together.”

Burritos with Spanish Rice and Black Beans

Burritos are a great quick-and-easy family meal, and this recipe comes together in about as much time as it takes to heat a can of black beans. Bell pepper lends sweetness, and brown rice adds heft and soaks up the spicy flavor. Warm your favorite whole-grain tortillas, then wrap and eat!
Grilled Melon and Black Bean Tostadas on a blue table

Grilled Melon and Black Bean Tostadas

These smoky tostadas are a hat-tip to the goodness of summer produce. Featuring grilled cherry tomatoes, cantaloupe, asparagus, and red onion slices tossed with earthy black beans and crunchy jicama, they are on the table in under 30 minutes. Drizzle with a creamy cashew-based cilantro sauce. If you like it hot, add fresh jalapeño to the dressing. Yum!
Celeriac Steak Asada with Black Bean Quinoa on a white plate

Celeriac Steak Asada with Black Bean Quinoa

Sick of the same old veggie steaks? Celeriac root, cut into rounds, soaks up lime juice and savory Southwest spices to create tender grilled medallions packed with flavor. Serve atop a hearty black bean and quinoa salad studded with tangy red onion, juicy orange slices, and jalapeño for extra flavor. Tie it with a citrusy vinaigrette for a special family meal.
Polenta with Black Beans

Polenta with Black Beans and Mango Salsa

For a quick and novel dinner, grab a tube of prepared polenta, slice it, bake it, and top it with a saucy tomato-black bean mix and a dollop of mango salsa. Green chiles and canned tomatoes make the black beans extra yummy, and the Mango Salsa adds juiciness to every bite. One commenter writes, “Fabulous meal—easy to make on a weeknight after work, and the kid loved it!!!”
Sweet Potato Hash

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Hash

This delicious vegan hash relies on the classic flavor pairing of earthy black beans and tender sweet potato. Onion and garlic add depth, and scallions and chili powder are all you need to balance the flavors. Serve this handy hash on waffles, whole grain toast, in tacos, or as a side. “Super delish!” writes one fan. Another writes, “Incredible flavor, texture, and satisfaction.”

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