Our 8 Favorite Recipes for Mother’s Day


It’s that time of year when we take a moment to thank our mothers for everything they’ve done for us. (Thank you, Mom!) A day when Mom gets to put her feet up and be spoiled. And what better way to do that than to cook her a special meal? Whether you’re making her breakfast in bed, a special dinner, sweet treats, or all of the above, these recipes will make sure it’s a day to remember.

Tex-Mex Polenta Bowls

Nothing says spoil Mom like a comforting breakfast, and this nourishing fan-favorite bowl hits the mark. Best served in bed! 

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Mighty Muffins for Mother's Day

These mighty muffins are sweetened with banana, and they have no added oil. For people avoiding gluten, just make sure to use a gluten-free oat bran.

Forks Over Knives reader Lisa writes: “We have a vegan bed and breakfast and recently switched to these wonderful muffins. Our guests LOVE them!”

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Spinach, Pineapple, and Strawberry Salad

This sweet salad is springtime in a bowl and is sure to brighten Mom’s day. A homemade strawberry–poppy seed dressing adds an extra-special touch.

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Roasted Veggie Flatbreads

A balsamic glaze adds a beautiful finishing flourish to this flatbread, which is great to make with kids who want to make Mom’s day special.

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Sweet Potato Lasagna

There are two givens when making lasagna: There’ll be lots of dishes, and it will be worth it! This dish is divine and sure to make her day.

“I have to be honest, at first I said, ‘I will never make this again, it is taking way too long to make!’ Then, after my afternoon had gone by and it was finally time to eat…I was in awe. Maybe it is the fact that I love sweet potatoes, or the fact that this recipe tastes amazing! I have to give it a 10 out of 10. So, go ahead and make it. It is worth it! …And yes, I will put all the effort in to make it again at some point. YUM!” — Christine

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Chocolate-Orange Dessert Donuts

A sweet sauce made with oranges complements the rich, chocolatey doughnuts in this gourmet dessert, which is fit for a queen. No doughnut molds? You can get equally delicious results with a muffin tin.

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Raw Choco Bites With Oats and Carrots

These exquisite “snowball” bites look and taste fancy, but they’re mainly made from banana, carrots and oats. And as FOK reader KC puts it, they’re “surprisingly awesome!” This is another recipe the little ones can help with.

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Blackberry-Peach Cobbler

This heartwarming recipe is a winner every time! If you don’t have fresh fruit, use frozen or tinned.

“I just made this for a couple at TrueNorth and they absolutely loved it!” —Katie

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