This recipe for fluffy vegan whipped cream demonstrates the magic of aquafaba, the thick liquid left behind after cooking chickpeas and other legumes. Aquafaba’s starch and viscosity allow it to be whipped like egg whites or whipped cream, something that can’t be done with other plant-based egg replacers. The process can take a little while with an electric mixer, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t firm up at first—just keep beating. Unlike whipped cream, whipped aquafaba won’t hold its shape for more than a couple of hours, so prepare it just before using. Dollop on Banana-Stuffed Aquafaba French Toast, pies, cakes, sundaes, and even cappuccinos.

By Carla Christian, RD, LD,


  • ¼ cup aquafaba (the liquid from about ½ 15-ounce can no-salt-added chickpeas)
  • 1 tablespoon pure maple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract


  • Combine the chickpea liquid, maple syrup, and vanilla in a medium bowl, and beat with an electric mixer on medium to high speed until foamy. Beat on high speed for about 5 minutes more or until stiff peaks with tips form.

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Can this be stored in the refrigerator like Cool Whip or will it liquify in time? Thank you for your response!

Christine H

I was using an older style handheld mixer and as stated above it would never whip up, even after trying for a LONG time. After searching online I saw that some recipes call for the addition of a small amount of cream of tarter. Once I added 1/4 tsp., it whipped up into something that approximates a whipped cream. My son wasn't a fan of it, but my husband liked it--I will likely try this again.


To Christine H: It whips up best if you have a whisk attachment. I tried with my hand-mixer and it didn't work until I used the whisk attachment.


I want to try this! Can I use the liquid from a can of chic peas? or do I have to cook the dry chic peas to use that liquid? Please get back to me. Thanks, Linda

Courtney Davison

Hi Linda, Yes, you can use the liquid (aquafaba) from canned chickpeas! Use 1/4 cup of the liquid (not all the liquid in the can). Thank you, Courtney Editor, Forks Over Knives


The flavor is quite good, but I would not say excellent. The consistency is amazing and visually satisfies the craving for conventional whipped cream. Perhaps it was dumb luck, but I had just thawed out enough of the aquafaba for the recipe, and I'm thinking since it was so cold, it took not time at all to get the desired consistency. Sprinkled allspice on top, which was perfect.


I ended up having something I would describe as meringue rather than whipped cream. It’s delicious meringue, though!


This seems like some sort of magic. A delicious cream from chickpea juice!?!? Highly recommend.

Joanna S.

So does this need to be made in a mixmaster with the egg whip beater? I tried with an immersion blender and then put in the vitamix. Still very soupy. Also started with very cold aquafaba…how many mistakes did I make here? This has so much promise but I am missing something to get it right… TIA and Happy Thanksgiving!


Hello, I have not made this specific recipe but you may want to try using an electric hand mixer which is much less expensive than a mixmaster. I predict the Vitamix would not handle this situation as well as an electric hand mixer or stand mixer with bowl. Best wishes.


Hi Joanna You pretty much need to use a mix Master in high. I used my kitchen Aid with whipping hook. Also the aquafaba needs to be room temperature not cold when whipping. Hope this helps

Fredrich Dengel

I like this much better than coconut whip and it has less fat as well. It is sweet without the coconut flavor.


I just made this with the chickpea cooking liquid from the InstantPot (filtered through a sieve). It worked great. As some else stated, it’s not white, but that doesn’t bother me. It did taste slightly of bean. I added a tbsp of cacao and made a delicious chocolate whip. I could see using that to top hot chocolate or coffee. Yum!


great idea!




YUM! Wondering why I haven't made this sooner!


This was absolutely delicious- so quick and easy, with all ingredients on hand. Thank you so much!!!!!

Pat Farmer

Great substitute if avoiding dairy, but not quite the real thing:)


OK are used white bean juice and it looks exactly like the Aquafina that I have saved before. This did not want to thicken and I mixed it on the highest speed for 20 minutes. It was definitely not white as pictured. Adding maple syrup turned brown. I decided to add in some powdered peanut butter and dark chocolate chips and throw it in the freezer to make an ice cream. I hope this works


It only works with chick peas, not other beans. Try again with a can of chick peas (also called garbanzo beans)


I've actually had success whipping all types of bean juice: kidney, black, white, Peruvian, and of course, garbanzo. They may have slightly different colors (black bean juice is purple-grey) but I've found that they all function the same way.

Jennifer Monk

Does anyone find this gives them gas?


Great and simple recipe. I added less maple syrup as it was too sweet for us!


Not white bean juice. Chick pea juice

Ryan Paddle

Delicious. I used Blue Agave syrup instead and it was wonderful.


Have you ever used water from a salted can of chickpeas? I can't find a no salted one where I live... I have tried making my own aquafaba but it didn't work great. Thanks!!!

Ryan Paddle

I make mine with salt added chickpeas and it comes out great. Hope you enjoy :)

Valerie Tomlin

It's super easy to toss beans into an Imstant Pot for 45 minutes and waaay cheaper. Better tasting beans, too.

Becki Henderson

I think the Tbs. of vanilla here is overkill, and makes the "cream" taste like alcohol. Here's the modification that I love: once the aquafaba is beaten to soft peaks, I add in a dollop of date paste and sprinkle of cinnamon. (The cinnamon disguises the "beany" taste better than vanilla). I've also learned to make this using the liquid from unsalted white beans (any variety... navy or cannellini) for a son that's allergic to chickpeas. It doesn't whip as fast or as foamy, but the taste is more neutral and it still makes a wonderful fluffy concoction that's great on the French Toast or berries.

Veda Ozelle

Looks like the recipe only calls for a teaspoon of vanilla, not a Tablespoon...

Veda Ozelle

Great tips though! I didn't know you could use other types of bean liquid, that's awesome! Love date paste too... : )

Valerie Tomlin

I agree about bottles Vanilla so I use Cool's vanilla powder or buy a bottle of agave and amd some real vanilla beans. It takes a while to infuse but is so good!

Regina Q

One teaspoon not tablespoon.

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