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Nothing says summer like outdoor cookouts, picnics, and relaxed backyard parties. This simple menu is colorful, delicious, and perfect for feeding a crowd. To build your own custom menu, check out our Fourth of July recipes database.

Avocado & White Bean Salad Wraps

These wraps come together quickly, and you can also make the filling in advance and assemble them later.

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Dairy-Free Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Great for parties and game-day snacks, this dairy-free spinach and artichoke dip has a delightfully creamy yet light taste and texture. Serve with crudité or baked chips.

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Grilled Veggie Salad

Summer on a plate, this very hearty mix makes a lovely dish. You can blacken the veggies on the grill or on your stove.

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These yam quesadillas store well overnight in the refrigerator. Reheated on the griddle the next day, they’ll taste just like they were freshly made.

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Grilled Marinated Portobello Mushrooms

These marinated mushrooms take less than 10 minutes on the grill. You can serve these on whole-grain buns as burgers or bun-less as a hearty side.

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Cherry Soft-Serve Ice Cream

This vegan version of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream is delicious, refreshing, and guilt-free.

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