There’s nothing like taking a bite of a thick, tender, juicy steak—a veggie steak, that is. And there’s nothing easier than roasting veggie steaks for a hearty, satisfying (Dare we say “meaty”?) main dish that lets vegetables take center-plate. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions below; then serve your creations steak-house style with a baked sweet potato and a big tossed salad. 

1. Choose a Steak Vegetable

Any vegetable that’s large enough to cut or trim into ¾- to 1-inch-thick steaks and sturdy enough to stand up to high oven heat can be turned into a veggie steak. Here are some of our favorites, with prep instructions and cooking times.


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2. Select a Seasoning

No need to measure here; a quick sprinkle of spices or a brushed-on coating of a sauce, condiment, or oil-free vinaigrette will heighten the rich, roasted flavor of the thick-cut vegetables you’ll be using for steaks. Some to try:
— Salt-free seasoning blends and rubs—especially steak, jerk, Cajun, taco, and barbecue
— Paprika (sweet and smoked)
— Cracked black pepper
— Onion and/or garlic powder
— Chili powders
— Condiments: Miso, tahini, Dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar

3. Slice, Season, Roast, and Serve

Prep your chosen vegetable(s) as explained above. Sprinkle or brush both sides of the veggie steaks with your selected seasoning. Roast on a parchment- or silicone mat–lined baking sheet at 400°F until golden brown and fork-tender (see chart above for times), flipping the steaks halfway through the cooking time. For extra flavor, serve with a luscious FOK sauce or garnish with chopped fresh herbs.

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