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Beat the heat with these frosty treats that are entirely plant-based and oh-so-delicious. Nice cream is made by blending frozen chunks of banana to get a creamy, custard-like texture for a vegan equivalent of soft serve ice cream. Tons of scrumptious flavors can be built from this base by adding more ingredients such as frozen berries, spices, nuts, or cocoa powder. When you’re craving a frozen dessert that tastes decadent without being detrimental to your health, nice cream is without a doubt the way to go. Check out our recipe round up to get a jump-start on your summer nice cream fix!

caramelized pineapple nice cream with chunks of toasted pineapple on top in a rectangular metal tin

Caramelized Pineapple Nice Cream

Transport your taste buds to the tropics with this tasty nice cream recipe that harnesses the natural sweetness of pineapple that’s been broiled to golden brown perfection in the oven. The rich caramel-like flavor blends perfectly with the banana base to create a luscious fruity treat that will keep you cool on hot days.
Grilled Peaches and Peach Nice Cream

Grilled Peaches with Basil-Peach Nice Cream

This delectable dessert is the ideal way to finish a summer BBQ on a sweet note. Juicy peach halves are lightly charred on the grill then drizzled with maple syrup and sprinkled with pecans. A peachy nice cream infused with fresh basil leaves is served alongside the warm fruit to bring a beautiful cooling element to the dish.
Close-up shot of pink-hued almond cherry nice cream, with visible bits of cherries, and an ice cream scoop

Cherry-Almond Nice Cream

A drool-worthy combination of cherries and almond extract make this easy nice cream recipe extra flavorful (and extra satisfying). The fruit-and-nut duo mimics the classic Italian flavors of Amarena gelato, minus all the unhealthy ingredients. Make a big batch to have on hand whenever your sweet tooth is calling!
Deep purple blueberry and mint nice cream shown from the side in a clear glass Mason jar, topped with sprigs of mint - vegan ice cream recipe

Mint and Blueberry Nice Cream

Refreshing and fruity, this three-ingredient nice cream is ideal for enjoying during a heat wave. Blueberries bring yummy sweetness, while mint leaves add a cooling, herbal component that elevates this recipe to a restaurant-quality dessert. Not to mention, the beautiful purple hue makes it a pretty dish to serve to guests at dinner parties.
Close-up shot of red-pink strawberry-lemonade vegan ice cream

Strawberry-Lemonade Nice Cream

Enjoy the flavors of your favorite summertime drink in frozen form! Bright lemon zest and sweet strawberries join forces to pack powerful flavor into this nice cream that cools you down from the inside out. If you want a more intense kick of citrus, top each serving with an extra sprinkling of zest.

Butternut-Pecan Nice Cream

Classic Southern flavors receive a plant-based makeover in this creamy frozen dessert that gets 5/5 stars from our readers. Butternut squash puree adds earthy sweetness to the banana base while maple syrup, vanilla extract, and toasted pecans make each bite incredibly decadent. This frosty treat is perfect for the summer months or to have on hand in the freezer when Thanksgiving rolls around.
cinnamon banana nice cream - fruity, dairy-free ice cream shown in a glass cup topped with chopped, cooked-down pears

Cinnamon-Banana Nice Cream with Fruit Compote

You’ll devour every last bite of this tantalizing nice cream recipe, which features a saucy fruit compote and crunchy granola. The banana-cinnamon base is tasty on its own, but adding a spoonful of simmered apples, pears, and orange juice takes it to a whole new level of yum. Top everything with pre-bought granola for the perfect summertime snack.

Mexican Chocolate Nice Cream

Enjoy the spicy-sweet medley of a Mexican hot chocolate in nice cream form. This 10-minute recipe combines ancho chile powder with cinnamon and cocoa to deliver the classic flavor combination of the beloved beverage. One happy reader raves: “A perfectly healthy indulgence—yum!”
vanilla bean vegan ice cream recipe

Vanilla Nice Cream With Real Vanilla Bean

Rival the most decadent dairy-based dessert with this incredible nice cream recipe that uses real vanilla bean to infuse the soft serve treat with rich flavor. The banana base gets a boost from creamy plant milk and the whole thing comes together in just 15 minutes. Serve with fresh berries and top with some Aquafaba Whipped Cream!
Strawberry Chocolate nice cream - plant-based ice cream

Strawberry-Chocolate Ice Cream

Is there any better pairing than strawberries and chocolate? This divine recipe certainly makes it hard to name a more perfect duo. Chunks of dark chocolate are mixed into the fruity base and sweetened with a dash of maple syrup. Perfect for a date night when you want to impress your sweetheart!
Frozen Banana Ice Cream Chocolate Treats

Frozen Banana Treat with Chocolate (Better Than Ice Cream!)

This fun spin on traditional nice cream turns the frozen treat into bite-sized balls that are rolled in a crispy cereal coating. Hearty oats are mixed into the scrumptious chocolate banana base for extra heart-healthy goodness. Grape-Nuts or any other whole grain cereal of your choice adds a crunchy component that will make it impossible to have just one!
Mango Ice Cream - Nice Cream

Mango Ice Cream

This bright yellow treat is as much a pleasure to look at as it is to eat! Sweet mangoes are blended into the frozen banana nice cream and topped with a sprinkling of cardamom to highlight the fruity flavors. If you love the Mexican tradition of adding spice to fresh fruit, sprinkle it with Tajín or cayenne pepper.
Pumpkin Ice Cream scooped into a ball

Pumpkin Ice Cream

You’ve probably enjoyed pumpkin in pie form before, but have you ever eaten it as nice cream? This dreamy dessert breaks from tradition and doesn’t use bananas; instead, silken tofu and canned pumpkin team up to deliver ultra-creamy results. Dates, maple syrup, and cinnamon bring the warming flavors you’re accustomed to when eating pumpkin, but the frosty temperature puts a unique spin on the seasonal squash.
peaches and cream nice cream ice cream

Vegan Peach Ice Cream

Preserve the delicious flavor of peach season for as long as possible by transforming the juicy fruit into a frozen treat. This easy nice cream recipe shines a spotlight on the delicious summer produce by keeping things simple with four staple ingredients. Add a drizzle of balsamic vinegar on top for an out-of-this-world dessert experience. (Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!)
Two bowls of Dairy-Free Jackfruit Ice Cream in a specked green bowl nested on a white plate on a white countertop next to two small copper spoon

Dairy-Free Jackfruit Ice Cream

Perfectly sweet, frozen ripe jackfruit does double-duty in this mouthwatering tropical dessert, in the nice cream base and the compote topping.
Grapefruit Nice Cream with Skillet Granola in a round glass with a metal spoon against a pink background

Grapefruit Nice Cream with Maple-Pecan Skillet Granola

Whip up this eye-catching recipe when you want to treat yourself to an extra special dessert.

Cherry Soft-Serve Ice Cream

If Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream was your favorite dessert before going plant-based, this recipe does a darn good job at giving you a vegan version. Frozen cherries give the nice cream a lovely pink color, vanilla extract delivers a cream-like flavor, and dark chocolate chips are blended into the base to create a decadent treat that you’ll want to make again and again.
cupcakes, ice cream

Strawberry Chocolate Ice Cream Cupcakes

Kick your nice cream skills up a notch with these crave-worthy cupcakes. The chocolate cake base is topped with luscious strawberry nice cream that gets a hint of saltiness from a dollop of almond butter. Topped with chocolate chips for extra yumminess, these are perfect to serve at a birthday party or potluck-style gathering.
Strawberry Nice Cream Sundaes

Strawberry Nice Cream Sundaes

These nice cream sundaes are the perfect finish to a warm summer day. The perfectly sweet-tart strawberry nice cream base is paired with a warm strawberry-apple compote and crunchy toasted almonds, for a refreshing burst of textures and flavors.

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