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Don’t you just love long weekends?! Time to leisure over breakfast. Or crawl back into bed with a good book. Or, if the pace is more hectic in your household, to enjoy the mayhem of family life. However it is, we all benefit from time to recharge. And a good brunch is a great way to do this. So in the spirit of savoring the weekend, here are some delicious egg-free recipes to try!

Breakfast Scramble

For an egg-free scramble that isn’t made from tofu, this is a great recipe. Chef Del Sroufe uses cauliflower instead, which perfectly soaks up the flavors of the onions, peppers and mushrooms (or the vegetables of your choice)!

Vegan Egg-Free Easter Breakfast Ideas View Recipe

Chickpea Omelet

This popular omelet from Ann and Jane Esselstyn is made with chickpea flour. If you’ve never used this king of flours, you’re in for a treat! It’s fantastic—light and a little nutty, but subtle enough so as not to overpower what you put with it. Which is why it’s the most used flour in our house! Serve the omelet with salsa, avocado, hot sauce, tomatoes, spinach or all of the above!

Vegan Egg-Free Easter Breakfast Ideas View Recipe
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Orange French Toast

This is one of those recipes that’s equal parts delicious and clever, as Chef Darshana Thacker uses aquafaba to create the thick eggy-ness that makes French toast so divine! And in case you’re wondering, Aquafaba is the liquid that comes from soaking or cooking beans or legumes—it’s the thick liquid you see when you open a can of chickpeas. It’s often used as an egg-replacer in plant-free recipes. So next time you cook with beans, save that liquid! And if you don’t have any on hand this weekend, open a can of beans, and use them for your next meal.

Vegan Egg-Free Easter Breakfast Ideas View Recipe

Smoky Little Devils

These gorgeous baked potatoes are stuffed with a green onion hummus filling and garnished with paprika. You could also sprinkle a pinch of cayenne pepper on top, if you like a little heat!

Vegan Egg-Free Easter Breakfast Ideas View Recipe

Potato Scramble with Hot Chile Sauce

Serve this delicious tomato and potato scramble with your favorite green salad or on your favorite toasted gluten free or whole-wheat bread. Truly a breakfast to languish over!

Vegan Egg-Free Easter Breakfast Ideas View Recipe

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Lisa Esile is an author, illustrator, blogger, vegetable gardener, and whole-food enthusiast with a special fondness for potatoes. She has a master’s degree in human nutrition and is passionate about showing people how to live happier, healthier lives. Lisa is the author of Reach your Big Calm and the co-author of Whose Mind Is It Anyway?.

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