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Amazing Grains

Whole grains—such as brown rice, barley, millet, oats, quinoa, and wheat berries—serve as the hearty centerpiece in these nourishing recipes. Featuring rice-based casseroles, Instant Pot pilafs, creamy risottos, Buddha bowls, and more, these satisfying vegan recipes use grains as a vehicle for soaking up all kinds of rich flavors. Grains are easy to batch-cook: Make a big pot of grains to use in several different recipes throughout the week.

Vegan Korean BBQ Bowls with Shishito Peppers

These delightful vegan Korean BBQ bowls expertly bring together different flavors, colors, and textures to create an incredible meal. It all starts…

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Celeriac Steak Asada with Black Bean Quinoa

Celeriac has a meaty texture and neutral flavor, which makes it ideal for cutting into steaks that absorb your favorite seasonings. In…

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Creamy Polenta with Jalapeño Tomato Sauce

In this tantalizing fusion recipe, creamy Italian polenta meets the spicy-savory flavors of Mexican cuisine to create a truly drool-worthy dish. Roma…

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Mediterranean Pepper and Squash Hash with Creamy Polenta

Every bite of this Mediterranean medley is packed full of succulent produce and savory flavors that transport you straight to the Italian…

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Oil-Free Tofu Fried Rice

This plant-based take on a comfort-food favorite skips the oil without skimping on flavor. Start by pressing a block of tofu to…

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Quinoa Pilaf Primavera

Garlicky, herbal, and piled high with freshly grilled veggies, this delightful quinoa pilaf is a summer BBQ recipe for the books. Aromatic…

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Quinoa Broccoli Bowls with Roasted Beets

We know beets can be a controversial ingredient: Some say they taste like dirt; others say they’re nature’s candy. No matter where…

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Miso-Ginger Grilled Vegetable Farro Bowls

Broccolini, red bell pepper, bok choy, and spiralized sweet potatoes are marinated in a savory miso-ginger sauce and grilled to char-marked perfection…

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Turnip and Sweet Potato Croquettes with Quinoa Pilaf and Tofu Remoulade

In this filling meal, savory turnip and sweet potato croquettes are served over a chewy quinoa pilaf made with sweet raisins and…

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Mixed Grain Bowls with Mushrooms and Lentils

What do you get when you combine hearty quinoa, chewy wild rice, creamy yellow lentils, crisp green beans, savory mushrooms, and tender…

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Pumpkin Risotto Frittata with Mushrooms

The natural sweetness of pumpkin plays well with the savory, earthy notes of fresh mushrooms in this rustic risotto frittata. A cast-iron…

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