25 Recipes to Use Up That Can of Cannellini Beans in Your Cupboard

By Megan Edwards,

Not sure what to do with that lone can of cannellini beans that’s sitting in your pantry? We’ve gathered up our favorite recipes that use these nutrient-dense legumes to show you just how versatile (and delicious) white beans can be. Whether you want to blend them into a creamy dip, simmer them in brothy soups, or add them to pasta dishes for extra heft, we have a cannellini bean recipe that will tickle your taste buds. Time to get cooking!

Sweet Potato Soup with Cannellini Beans and Rainbow Chard

Sweet Potato Soup with Cannellini Beans and Rainbow Chard

This no-fuss recipe is full of savory flavor that will warm you up on a cold night. Sweet potatoes and leeks become mouthwateringly tender in a simple veggie broth that’s enhanced with the bright citrus of lemon juice and the umami-rich notes of sun-dried tomato powder. Cannellini beans and rainbow chard add extra substance so each slurpable spoonful is brimming with good-for-you-ingredients.
Cannellini Bean Sauce

Cannellini White Bean Sauce

When you first go plant-based, it can be hard to figure out how to replace the dairy-heavy sauces and spreads that loom large in the standard American diet. This velvety smooth cannellini bean sauce is the perfect recipe to have up your sleeve when you need a healthy sandwich spread, veggie dip, or creamy pasta sauce. Simply purée the beans with garlic and tamari, and you’re ready to go!
This bean pasta recipe is so easy to put together. I serve this with sautéed kale. I like this dish with a lot of garlic, but adjust it as you wish.

Roasted Tomato and Cannellini Bean Pasta

Imagine digging your fork into a bowl full of saucy, spicy noodles. Is your mouth watering yet? This vegan cannellini bean recipe features garlicky roasted tomatoes, chewy brown rice pasta, and melt-in-your-mouth white beans. On days when you’re craving a little comfort food, this recipe will satisfy your rumbling stomach and soothe your soul.
Spaghetti Squash Boats with White Beans and Swiss Chard on a gray ceramic plate against a dark blue tablecloth

Spaghetti Squash Boats with White Beans and Swiss Chard

The crisp tendrils of spaghetti squash make for an excellent pasta substitute in this clever twist on a traditional spaghetti dinner. Here, a homemade red sauce is packed with beans, carrots, chard, and fresh herbs to create a puttanesca that could rival your Italian nonna’s secret recipe. The squash skins act as natural bowls for the saucy “noodles,” which means this dish requires less cleanup than most meals.
Cannellini Bean, Kale, and Orzo Soup

Cannellini Bean, Kale, and Orzo Soup

Cozy up to a bowl of this five-star soup when you’re in need of a little extra nourishment. Whole wheat orzo pasta is perfect for soaking up the thyme- and parsley-infused broth until they’re deliciously plump, while cannellini beans and kale add plant-based heft to the pasta. A squeeze of lemon juice brings bright acidity to the savory flavors to ensure each bite is the perfect balance of refreshing and filling.
Roasted Tomato, White Bean, and Olive Bruschetta on a light blue ceramic plate

Roasted Tomato, White Bean, and Olive Bruschetta

Serve up these tasty bruschetta bites as an appetizer at your next plant-based party! Each whole grain toast is topped with a saucy mixture of creamy cannellini beans, tangy red onion, briny olives, and juicy tomatoes. Italian herbs infuse the mixture with fresh flavor while white balsamic vinegar adds a touch of sweet acidity. Guests will absolutely adore this colorful finger food that’s full of bright Mediterranean vibes.

White Bean Hummus with Fresh Thyme and Basil

“Delicious, quick, and easy,” raves one happy reader about this luscious cannellini bean recipe. If you’re bored of standard hummus, this herb-infused dip will get you excited to serve up a crudités platter. Creamy beans are blended with tahini, Dijon mustard, garlic, and lemon juice to create a savory base then laced with the fresh aromas of thyme and basil. Spoon this dip onto crackers, spread it inside tortilla roll-ups, or simply dunk raw veggies into it when you need a healthy afternoon snack.
Melon and White Bean Salad

Melon and White Bean Salad

Want a no-cook recipe that’s ideal for hot summer days? This radiant cantaloupe salad is equal parts refreshing and filling. Each melon half cradles a vibrant mixture of tangy shallots, creamy beans, and aromatic mint, which pairs perfectly with the sweet orange fruit. White balsamic vinegar ties everything together with a touch of acidity while a crack of black pepper finishes each delightful bite with a touch of heat.
Greek Stuffed Mini Peppers on a light blue ceramic plate

Greek Stuffed Mini Peppers

Get the party started with these cute and crunchy stuffed peppers, which are perfect for serving as a healthy hors d'oeuvre. Cannellini beans are blended with lemon juice, oregano, and a pinch of salt to form a creamy stuffing that balances out the sweet crispness of the mini peppers. Garnish each bite-sized snack with fresh parsley before displaying them on a serving tray, and get ready to watch how quickly they disappear.
10-Minute Sage and Mushroom Tartine on a white plate with a knife and fork

10-Minute Sage and Mushroom Tartine

Need a super-quick meal after a long day at work? This savory open-faced sandwich is bursting with the flavors of the French riviera and doesn’t require turning on the stove. Simply chop up some mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, onion, and cannellini beans, microwave everything with some herbs and soy sauce, and then spoon it onto a slice of toasted whole wheat bread. Grab a knife and fork, and dig in!
Dilly Vegan Macaroni Salad in a blue bowl on a yellow plate against a green tile background

Dilly Vegan Macaroni Salad

You’ll be crowned the king of the potluck when you serve this herbaceous pasta salad at your next group gathering. Whole wheat macaroni noodles are joined by hearty cannellini beans, sweet apple, tangy dill pickles, and crunchy celery to create the perfect picnic meal. A velvety dill-infused dressing adds delightful creaminess sans dairy, and torn kale leaves offer extra leafy green heft.
vegan cassoulet cooked in slow cooker with red beans, kidney beans, kale, carrots and more

Slow-Cooker Vegan Cassoulet

This cannellini bean recipe is the perfect set-it-and-forget-it meal. Simply pop everything into the slow cooker, and come back in a few hours when you’re ready to eat! Fire-roasted tomatoes, kidney beans, carrots, parsnips, and kale join the white beans to create a comforting stew that’s seasoned with lots of garlic, thyme, and rosemary. Serve a steaming bowl of this cozy cassoulet with a slice of crusty bread, and you’ll quickly add this dish into your regular recipe rotation.
Caramelized Garlic and Potato Soup topped with snap peas in beige bowls

Caramelized Garlic and Potato Soup

Break out that stray can of cannellini beans to whip up this dreamy, creamy soup that one reader calls “absolutely amazing.” Standard russet potatoes get an upgrade when puréed into a silky soup that’s packed with garlicky goodness. The white beans add an extra level of creaminess, while a topping of sugar snap peas brings fresh crunch to the savory bisque. For extra heartiness, spoon each serving over hot cooked farro to get your daily dose of whole grains.
Barbecue Vegan Bean Casserole and Cornbread Bake

Barbecue Bean and Cornbread Bake

Put the South in your mouth with this smoky, spicy, and saucy bean bake that showcases the best flavors of Southern BBQ, sans meat. A medley of chopped veggies and Swiss chard join the cannellini beans in a finger-licking-good sauce before being topped with homemade vegan cornbread biscuits and baked in the oven until everything comes out deliciously bubbly. Sprinkle with scallions, and serve up this tasty dish at your next plant-based cookout.
Summer Squash Soup with White Beans and Kale in a white bowl

Summer Squash Soup with White Beans and Kale

This soup may not look very complex when you glance at the ingredient list, but trust us when we say the flavors are far from simple. Leek, garlic, and Italian seasonings infuse the broth with rich flavor while tender summer squash and leafy kale add colorful heft. Cannellini beans deliver bursts of creamy texture while lemon juice punches up the brightness factor. You’ll be transported to the Tuscan countryside with each satisfying spoonful!
whole wheat mini pizzas with alfredo sauce for wordpress

Air-Fryer Mini Pizzas with Alfredo Sauce

Get the kids involved in the kitchen by turning dinner into a hands-on pizza night! These delightful plant-based pies feature a homemade crust, a creamy alfredo-style sauce using cannellini beans, and lots of fresh veggies. Feel free to get creative with the toppings so everyone in the family can chow down on the pizza of their dreams.
White Bean Wraps with Pickled Cucumber and Mint on a white tray

White Bean Wraps with Pickled Cucumber and Mint

Need something quick and easy to pack into a lunchbox? Here, a minty cannellini bean mash is slathered on whole wheat tortillas and topped with pickled cucumber, red onions, and leafy greens. The combination of aromatic and tangy flavors are a match made in plant-based heaven, and you’ll love how easy they are to make ahead of time and have on hand for accessible snacking.
Waffled Hash Browns with Spicy White Beans on white plates

Waffled Hash Browns with Spicy White Beans

Switch up your breakfast routine with these unique hash browns that pack in an extra serving of root veggies. In addition to the traditional potatoes, shredded carrots and parsnips make their way into the mix, which gets pressed into a waffle iron until crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. A saucy, spicy cannellini bean topping is spooned over each tasty square to create the ideal savory morning meal.
Tuscan White Bean Burgers topped with onion and tomato and on white ceramic plate

Tuscan White Bean Burgers

This clever vegan cannellini bean recipe uses the hearty legumes as a binding agent to create flavorful burger patties ideal for serving up at a plant-based BBQ. Trumpet mushrooms, green beans, carrots, brown rice, and a handful of Italian herbs help season the patties so each bite is bursting with Mediterranean flavor. Slide the burgers onto whole wheat buns and pile on your favorite toppings for a healthy, hunger-busting meal.
Greek-Style Grilled Eggplant Steak Supper on a platter with a bowl of hummus

Greek-Style Grilled Eggplant-Steak Supper

Transport your taste buds to the sun-soaked Greek islands when you whip up this smorgasbord of grilled eggplant steaks. Each veggie filet is marinated in a mustard-herb vinaigrette, charred to perfection, and plated on a bed of chewy Israeli couscous. A homemade cannellini bean hummus is perfect for dolloping on top to complete this mouthwatering Mediterranean platter.
Zesty White Bean Chili

Zesty White Bean Chili

Fresh lemon juice and white wine vinegar take this plant-based chili from standard to spectacular by adding delicious zesty undertones to the smoky flavors. Cannellini beans join forces with carrots, corn, bell peppers, and celery for a hearty stew that’s packed full of warming seasonings. Serve a bowl of this chili with a garnish of cilantro and a side of vegan cornbread, and you’re all set to tuck into a cozy feast.
Orzo-Stuffed Tomatoes with Pesto Fluff on a white rectangular serving tray

Orzo-Stuffed Tomatoes with Pesto Fluff

These eye-catching canapés are the perfect bite-size snack to serve at an elegant dinner party or take to a summer picnic. Each juicy tomato is hollowed out and stuffed with a hearty mixture of orzo pasta, peas, pine nuts, and basil. A smooth homemade pesto—which gets its creamy texture from cannellini beans—adorns each scrumptious sphere.
White Bean Toasts with Veggies on a brown cloth napkin resting on a wood cutting board

White Bean Toasts with Veggies

Once you take the first bite of these colorful white bean toasts, you’ll understand why readers are describing them as “delicious,” “excellent,” and “wonderful!” Each slice is topped with a lemon-garlic cannellini mash, crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and tangy red onion. If you like things a little spicy, add an extra pinch of red pepper flakes to the bean mash for an explosion of flavor that pairs well with the cooling veggies.
Italian Chopped Salad with Farro in a wooden bowl

Italian Chopped Salad with Farro

Say goodbye to bland, boring salads! This recipe features a stellar combination of textures and flavors that hook you from the very first bite. Crunchy romaine lettuce, chewy farro, creamy cannellini beans, juicy tomatoes, and tangy red onion are all mixed together in a satisfying jumble before being drizzled with a mustard vinaigrette.
Shredded Portobello Mushroom Sandwiches with peppers and onions on a gray slate serving board

Shredded Portobello Open-Face Sandwiches

Why pay for an overpriced avocado toast that will leave you hungry in an hour when you could make this filling open-faced mushroom sandwich instead? Each slice is layered with a cheesy bean spread before soy-marinated veggies are stacked on top and sprinkled with chives. The combination of portobellos, peppers, and onions is ideal for sinking your teeth into when you need a quick meal that will fuel you up with energy.

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