What to Do When Your Loved Ones Aren’t on Board with a Plant-Based Diet

When Brigitte Gemme decided to adopt a plant-based diet, her husband protested. “Sharing foodie meals was a big part of our relationship,…

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I Went Plant Based (and Dropped 60 Pounds) After Losing My Dad to His Third Heart Attack

In 2021, I lost my dad to his third heart attack. He was just 52, but he was diabetic and obese. I…

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Meet Dr. Qadira Ali Huff, the Plant-Based Pediatrician Helping Kids Stay Healthy

Pediatrician and lifestyle medicine physician Qadira Ali Huff, MD, MPH, is on a mission to empower families through nutrition education. Beyond her…

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How to Give Your Kitchen a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Makeover

For most people, going whole-food, plant-based doesn’t require a complete fridge and pantry overhaul. You’ll continue to use staples from your local…

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Since Going Plant-Based, I’ve Ditched Statins, Prediabetes, and 50 Pounds

I stopped eating meat back in 1994, primarily because I thought it might help me lose weight. But I ate a lot…

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Recommended Reading: Our Favorite Plant-Based Books of 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, we’re looking back at our favorite book releases in the plant-based space of the past year….

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Plant-Based Pros Share Their Favorite Quick Breakfasts

The first meal of the day has long been touted as the most important one. But fueling your brain and your body…

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13 Ways to Make Any Jarred Pasta Sauce Better

There are all kinds of easy ways to personalize prepared pasta sauce and turn it into something that tastes special. We’ve put…

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Our Favorite Nonstick Kitchen Tools for Easy Oil-Free Cooking

Eating whole-food, plant-based means cutting out as many processed foods as possible—including oil. Despite popular claims that some oils, such as olive…

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Turmeric 101: What It Tastes Like and How to Cook With It

There’s lots to love about turmeric, from the spice’s saffron-yellow color to its flavor-enhancing properties and potential health benefits. Read on for…

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Eating “All Things in Moderation” Ravaged My Athletic Husband’s Arteries

In July 2021, we were at mile 700-ish of a 1,000-mile bike trip from Indianapolis, Indiana, to Washington, D.C., staying at a…

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The Beginner’s Guide to a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet

You’re probably thinking that moving to a plant-based diet sounds like a great idea, but you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, you’re in the right place—we’ve got the tools, insight, and expertise to make the change easy and enjoyable. We’ll answer your questions, provide helpful advice, and share the techniques you need.

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