12 Party-Worthy Salsa Recipes: Fruit Salsa, Tomato Salsa, Bean Salsa and Beyond!

By Lisa Esile, MS,

Seriously scrumptious and brimming with fresh ingredients, homemade salsa is the ultimate whole-food, plant-based condiment and can turn a ho-hum meal into a party-worthy dish. These taste bud tinglers are excellent served as a dip with baked tortilla chips, whole grain crackers, pita squares, or crudités, or dolloped on a grain bowl, salad, burger, burrito, breakfast scramble, or anything else you can think of. This delicious collection includes juicy fruit salsa, aromatic roasted veggie salsa, classic tomato salsa, hefty bean and corn salsa, and lots more. There is no reason to be without fresh salsa, especially in the warmer months! It's easy to make and stores well in the fridge for three to five days.

For a deeper dive into the wonderful world of salsa-making, including how to come up with your own recipes, check out our handy guide.

Summer Fruit Salsa with Melons and Jicama in a gray bowl on a striped dishcloth

Summer Fruit Salsa with Melons and Jicama

Strips of jicama add crunch to this bursting-with-juiciness salsa, which features a tasty medley of melons. The sweet, colorful mix of melons offers a delicious alternative to classic tomato salsa and pairs well with hearty dishes such as burgers or grain bowls. Bookmark this heavenly fruit salsa recipe for when melon season is in full swing.
Spicy Black Bean Salsa in a black bowl with a side of tortilla chips

Spicy Black Bean Salsa

Luscious black beans give this Tex-Mex-style salsa extra body and heft. Tomatoes keep things light, juicy corn kernels add golden color, and a trio of smoky spices add depth. This chunky bean salsa is excellent with baked corn chips—or, for the ultimate easy meal, spoon some onto baked potatoes. Note: For a smoother dip, partially blend the ingredients in a food processor.
nectarine and blueberry salsa with chips and cucumber slices - higher res

Nectarine and Blueberry Salsa

This colorful salsa drips with summer goodness. The subtle tang of tender nectarine sits deftly alongside plump, sweet blueberries. Pinto beans add bulk and creaminess, crushed red pepper adds heat, and cilantro lends a mild, peppery flavor. Serve with baked corn tortillas, cucumber slices, or anything else!
Apple Salsa with Cinnamon Tortilla Chips on a wood cutting board

Apple Salsa with Cinnamon Tortilla Chips

Crispy apples, sweet pear, and the earthy floral notes of jewel-like pomegranate seeds create a compelling blend of flavors in this stunning salsa, which is perfect for entertaining or movie-night munching. Chopped dates add sweetness, orange juice lends bright, citrusy notes, and a touch of allspice brings warmth to every bite. A commenter writes, “Yum! This embodies autumn perfectly.”

Roasted Tomato Salsa

The secret to this smoky tomato salsa from Chef Darshana is to roast the chile and tomatoes separately in a skillet until char-grilled. This step adds a few extra minutes, but the authentic woodsy flavor is worth the effort. You’ll remember this smoky dip long after the tomatoes leave the vine. A fan writes, “I turned tasteless tomatoes into a really tasty salsa!”

Mango Salsa

There's mango magic in this juicy golden salsa from Mary McDougall, which uses the tropical fruit in place of tomato, with heavenly results. Red bell pepper adds crunch and color, apple cider vinegar tempers the sweetness (you could also use lemon juice), and jalapeño gently warms the palate. One fan notes, "It is so delicious as a salsa over Mexican dishes, but I love to eat it with a spoon as a snack when I'm having an evening craving."

Peach-Corn Salsa with Chili-Lime Chips

The sweet aroma of a perfectly ripe peach is the star ingredient in this Southern-inspired salsa. Sweet peach goes surprisingly well with the classic trio of corn, black beans, and tomatoes, packing every mouthful with tangy, creamy goodness. Lime juice adds sweet-tart freshness, poblano chile pepper brings subtle heat, and cumin lends earthiness. Serve with home-baked corn chips seasoned with chili powder and lime.
Fresh homemade tomato salsa in an yellow bowl beside fresh tomatoes, limes, and herbs

Fresh Tomato Salsa

This classic fresh pico de gallo recipe gets rave reviews from fans. Tangy tomatoes perfectly pair with the subtle bite of finely chopped onion, while cilantro, lime juice, and garlic round out the flavors. As one excited reviewer puts it, “So fresh! So full of flavor! I put it on nearly everything. Love.”
Blueberry salsa with tortilla chips on the side on a purple table

Blueberry Salsa

Classic fresh tomato salsa gets an upgrade with sweet, juicy blueberries thrown into the mix. The usual salsa suspects—onion, garlic, and lemon juice—liven up the flavor, while jalapeño chile (optional) adds a shot of heat. This stunning salsa tastes as good as it looks. Serve with baked tortilla chips, your favorite whole grain crackers, or celery sticks.
Taco Lettuce Wraps with Melon Salsa on square white plates

Taco Lettuce Wraps with Melon Salsa

With a refreshing cantaloupe-mint salsa atop a heftier quinoa, corn, and pinto bean filling, these tasty lettuce wraps pack a flavorful punch and appeal to kids and adults alike. The salsa comes together quickly: Just chop up some cantaloupe, jalapeño, and fresh mint, add to a bowl with your favorite tomato salsa (store-bought is fine) and some lime juice, stir it all together, and voila! Feel free to add a drizzle of hot sauce or a spoonful of vegan sour cream. A commenter shares, "This recipe was a hit! My youngest son and husband really liked it. I'm sure I'll make it again and again."
Sweet Potato Crostini with Avocado Salsa on a light pink serving tray

Sweet Potato Crostini with Avocado Salsa

Get the party started with these slightly chewy sweet potato crostini, which are a genius way to serve up salsa. Black beans give the salsa plenty of oomph, while garlic, scallions, jalapeño, cilantro, and lemon juice bring bright flavor. Mashed avocado adds a delicate creaminess to the salsa and works well with the sweet potato base. Don’t expect these to last long!
fruit salsa

Pita Chips with Blueberry-Orange Salsa

Fresh blueberries, sweet-tart chunks of orange, and aromatic lemon zest give this drip-down-your-chin-delicious salsa a rich fruity flavor. A dash of cardamom adds a background complexity and chopped dates lend a dash more sweetness. Garnish with a handful of pistachios (optional), and serve with your favorite dippers such as pita chips, baked tortilla chips, or whole grain crackers.

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