Comfort and Spice: Our Favorite Vegan Chili Recipes

Whether you’re feeding a crowd or just yourself, a pot of homemade chili makes for a healthy, delicious meal that’s freezer-friendly and great for next-day lunches, too. Here are six delicious, vegan chili recipes to work into your meal-making routine.

Three Bean Chili for a CrowdChili is an all American classic with Latin American roots. Every household has its own favorite recipe, and each thinks theirs is the best. While we are not here to argue, we’d like to throw this FOK fan-favorite recipe in for a vote. Recipe here.

Chickpea Chili on Baked PotatoesVegan chiliIf you ask us, chili potatoes should have their own food group. This version features a zesty chickpea chili loaded with mushrooms, bell peppers, sweet corn, and red onion. Serve it atop a freshly baked potato garnished with fresh cilantro, or skip the potato and enjoy the chili straight out of a bowl. Recipe here.

Smoky Chili with Sweet PotatoesPut your Instant Pot or trusty slow cooker to work on this colorful, comforting, red bean chili. Fire-roasted canned tomatoes and a dash of liquid smoke add a depth of flavor that pairs especially well with sweet potatoes. Recipe here.

Red Lentil ChiliWe bet this chili dish could quickly become a family favorite. Red lentils cook very quickly and are not only pretty but creamy and delicious. Recipe here.

Sweet Potato Chili with KaleWhat dish can’t be improved by the addition of kale? Sauté onion and bell pepper in orange juice and enjoy this fun twist on the classic dish. Recipe here.

Black Bean Chilivegan chiliThe ingredient list for this recipe might look a little long, but don’t let that stop you from trying this delectable chili. There are only a few steps, and it is so chock full of vegetables, beans, and greens that all you need are steamed grains or warm tortillas on the side to make this a filling and complete meal. Recipe here.

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Linda Barsi is a veggie-loving writer based in Los Angeles. She loves dogs, discovering new vegan restaurants, and mentoring young writers via her YouTube channel. You can follow her on Twitter.

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