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Vegan Ultra Athlete for the Animals: How I Became a Triple Guinness World Record Holder

My name is Fiona Oakes, an ethical vegan since age six and vegetarian since age three. I am vegan by instinct—a natural expression of…

Fiona Oakes see article

I Went Plant-Based and Left Life-Threatening Depression Behind

My story is different than most of the stories on this website, as weight was never a real issue for me. I…

Karl Hoppner before after see article

Father-Daughter Team: Living Examples of Plant-Fueled Fitness and Success

Keera Clarke is a high school scholar-athlete who is preparing for one of the biggest decisions of her life, which is where…

see article

I Lost 300 Pounds and Regained My Life … And My Entire Family Joined Me!

In 2011, I hit rock bottom with my health. I was in an abusive relationship, and my self-esteem had steadily plummeted while…

see article

How This Meat- and Cheese-Loving Chef Lost 100 Pounds and Saved His Health on a Plant-Based Diet

A little over three years ago at 36 years old, I was constantly sick and very overweight. My LDL (“bad”) cholesterol level…

see article

How I Got Rid of 100 Pounds, My Chronic Pain, and Helped My Whole Family Get Healthier

About 2½ years ago, when I found myself in excruciating, chronic pain, I couldn’t lie to myself any longer about my health…

see article

From Unhealthy to World-Champion Powerlifter on a Plant-Based Diet

As a strength coach, personal trainer, and powerlifter, I spent most of my adult life lifting weights and churning through thousands of…

Ben Rayland before after see article

Health Problems, Chronic Headaches, and 65 Pounds Gone in Six Months on a WFPB Diet

Like most Midwestern Americans, I grew up on meats, comfort foods, and sugar-laden desserts. Later while serving in the Marines, my food…

Ronald Tibbs before and after see article

Meet Fiona Oakes, Ultrarunner for the Animals

For the Animals, a documentary short by Insightful Films, features the story of vegan runner Fiona Oakes, the fastest woman to run a…

see article

In Eight Months, I Lost 80 Pounds, Got Off Meds, and Took Back My Life

My life has changed! Just last year, I weighed 282 pounds at 57 years old. I’ve been sober for 22 years and…

Scott Dodge see article

World Champion Freerunner Tim Shieff Leaps Buildings, Dangles from Bridges, and Is Powered By Plants

(Editor’s Note: Tim Shieff is a two-time world champion freerunner who goes by the name Livewire in competition. He has appeared on…

see article

How I Lost 220 Pounds, Became an Ultra-Runner, and Transformed My Life

As you may be able to tell by my very French-sounding last name, I am proudly from South Louisiana, where we “live…

Josh LaJaunie see article

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