10 Incredible Vegan Sides for Your Thanksgiving Table

Still looking for a pretty dish or two to add to your Thanksgiving menu? Here are 10 delicious sides to add oomph to your holiday spread—and show friends and family how delicious whole-food, plant-based cooking can be!

1. Heather’s Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Creamy Golden Gravy
Heather’s McDougall’s silky vegan gravy recipe takes just minutes to put together. With garlic mashed potatoes, it’s a guaranteed Thanksgiving hit. View the recipe.

2. Miso-Glazed Butternut Squash with Spinach
Bring more bright color to a holiday menu that traditionally skews beige. The earthy flavor of butternut squash pairs nicely with the tangy, salty flavor of miso in this lovely side dish. View the recipe.

3. Israeli Couscous and Kale Salad
Incredibly easy to cook, Israeli couscous does a great job of absorbing the flavors of the herbs and spices in this vegan salad recipe. Like traditional couscous, Israeli couscous is tiny nuggets of semolina pasta, but the nuggets run a bit larger.  View the recipe.

4. Radicchio Salad with Cranberry Orange Dressing
This simple salad of seasonal autumn fruits is easy to make and has a tantalizing sweet and sour flavor.  View the recipe.

5. Five-Minute Cranberry Relish
Why cook your cranberry relish or dump in a bunch of sugar when you can make this fresh and easy raw version instead? All you need are fresh cranberries and oranges, plus dates for natural sweetness. View the recipe.

6. Boulangere Potatoes
This recipe is a great alternative to scalloped potatoes, which are traditionally very high in fat. View the recipe.

7. Apple, Grapefruit, Pomegranate Salad
This refreshing salad does not need any dressing or seasoning. You can substitute oranges for the grapefruit, if you like. View the recipe.

8. Whole Grain Stuffing with Pecans and Currants
Toasted pecans and sweet-tart currants are a nice change in this traditional holiday recipe. Replace half of the whole grain bread with your favorite whole grain cornbread, or add fresh chopped apples for another twist on this dish. View the recipe.

9. Herbed Fingerling Potatoes
This recipe uses a lot of fresh herbs, but you can make it with dried herbs instead. Use only half the quantity for dried herbs as indicated for the fresh herbs. View the recipe.

10. Autumn Mixed Greens Salad
We are thankful for apple season! Honeycrisp and Gala apples contrast well with the tart cranberry vinaigrette on this salad. Cut the apples just before serving to prevent browning, or store them in water with a little lemon juice if you need to prepare them ahead of time. View the recipe.

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