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How I Reversed My Diabetes and Stopped All Medications with a Plant-Based Diet

I grew up at the tip of southern Texas with four brothers and three sisters. When I was eight years old, my…

Marc Ramirez before and after he reversed his diabetes and stopped all medications with a plant-based diet see article

Meet Vegan Bodybuilder Jim Morris, Former Mr. Universe

Jim Morris: Lifelong Fitness, a documentary short by director Ryan Vance, features the story of vegan bodybuilder Jim Morris, the former Mr….

jim morris see article

Before Forks Over Knives, I Thought Obesity and Misery Were My Destiny

Until recently, I thought it was my destiny to live a life of obesity, rushing headlong toward misery and premature death. I…

see article

Barely Survived a Massive Heart Attack … I Never Want Another One!

It was a normal Friday afternoon at work on the 28th day of March, 2014. While walking out of a meeting I…

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From Hefty to HEALTHY: How Our Seven Year Old Went Veggie and Changed Our Lives!

Our family’s journey started about eight years ago, when my youngest daughter asked me at age seven if she could be a…

It’s never too late to pick up new and good habits! Our 7 year old encouraged the whole family to become a vegan family, and we are healthier because of it! see article

My Life Was Controlled by Doctors and Meds … But No Longer!

After years of being overweight, at age 52 my health began to fail. In the first six months of 2012, I had…

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How I Lost 120 Pounds and Transformed My Life

After a lifetime of health issues since the age of 3, my life took a turn for the worse. At age 40,…

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How Plant-Based Eating Made Me Healthier and a Better Athlete

In the early stages of my former competitive bodybuilding career, I didn’t think twice about throwing down steaks, chicken, eggs, turkey, and…

I have never felt as healthy or as strong as I do now as a vegan athlete. Here's my story of how plant-based eating made me healthier and a better athlete. see article

How We Shed Nearly 300 Pounds, Multiple Symptoms, and All of Our Meds … in Just Two Years!

In January of 2010, my husband Ed decided it was time to make some healthy changes in his life. He began walking…

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I Changed My Diet at Age 67 and Never Looked Back!

Six years ago, my doctor discovered that I had a blockage in one of my carotid arteries. That night, at age 67,…

After becoming vegan, I lost weight & look and feel better and have more energy than I have in years. It's also reversing arterial plaque buildup I've had! see article

How a Plant-Based Diet Helped Me Become an Endurance Athlete

I’ve lived most of my adult life on a roller-coaster weight cycle of chubby to fat back to chubby. Although I was…

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Overweight Since Childhood, I Now Run Circles Around People Half My Age!

At the ripe old age of 11, I came to the realization that I could no longer eat animals. I simply would…

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