5 Unique Vegan Lasagna Recipes You’ll Love

By Megan Edwards,

Tuck into layers of tender noodles, creamy sauces, and succulent veggies with these incredibly comforting vegan lasagna recipes. Completely oil-free and packed full of good-for-you ingredients, our creative twists on the irresistible Italian classic will leave even the most ardent carnivore asking for a second serving. And while a classic red sauce lasagna is always a crowd pleaser, we wanted to offer some inventive takes on the beloved casserole to really delight your taste buds. Cashew-based white sauces replace marinara, fluffy polenta stands in for pasta, and the classic slab slice is transformed into a kid-friendly roll-up shape. When you’re looking for a delicious vegan lasagna to please picky eaters or wow a crowd, these nourishing recipes will certainly do the trick. Buon appetito!

Vegan lasagna verde -- asparagus tops strips of whole wheat lasagna noodles

Lasagna Verde

An abundance of green veggies make an appearance in this mouthwatering dish that borrows its flavor profile from fettuccine alfredo. The creamy white sauce seeps into the layers of whole wheat noodles and gets tantalizingly bubbly as it bakes. Mushrooms add a rich umami flavor, peas bring subtle sweetness, Swiss chard offers a touch of earthiness, and crisp asparagus stalks create an eye-pleasing topping. Sprinkled with fresh basil and a squeeze of lemon juice just before serving, this vegan lasagna tastes rich and cheesy but leaves you feeling light, lean, and satisfied.
polenta lasagna casserole shown topped with marinara sauce and fresh basil leaves

Polenta Lasagna with Kale and Lentils

Switch up your standard veggie lasagna recipe in favor of this unique twist that highlights fluffy polenta. Trust us: you won’t regret it! A hearty lentil, kale, and marinara mixture is sandwiched between layers of the tasty yellow grain, which soaks up all the delicious Italian seasonings infused into the filling. An extra layer of sauce on top ensures a creamy mouthfeel (because polenta can get too dry if overcooked) and a garnish of fresh basil makes it fit to serve at an Italian trattoria. One reader raves, “Very easy and delicious!”

Sweet Potato Lasagna

When you want to impress a group of guests, this vegan lasagna recipe is the perfect dish to make for a memorable meal. White sweet potatoes are mashed to tender perfection and offer a creamy component to the filling that contrasts nicely with sautéed greens and mushrooms. A homemade tomato sauce bursting with big Italian flavors ties everything together between layers of hearty noodles. The secret component to this delightful dish? A finger-licking-good cashew cheese sauce that’s piped between the lasagna layers and on top as an eye-catching (and tasty) flourish. There’s no doubt the symphony of flavors and textures in this plant-based lasagna will make any dinner party a huge success.
vegan spinach lasagna recipe from Forks Over Knives. Yum!

Spinach Lasagna

Craving the comfort of a classic lasagna? Our vegan spinach lasagna offers the same crave-worthy flavors without any dairy, oil, or processed white flour noodles. The secret to this recipe is the savory tofu ricotta, which is infused with heaps of fragrant Italian herbs, mixed with steamed spinach, and layered between no-boil noodles. You can’t get any more classic than this plant-based tribute to a timeless dish. Using store-bought pasta sauce saves you cleanup time in the kitchen and tastes just as good as homemade—but we won’t tell your nonna that! One happy reader says, “You’ve got to make this! So delicious.”
Vegan Lasagna

Vegan Butternut Squash Lasagna Roll-Ups

Shake things up a bit with this fun version of vegan lasagna, perfect for serving in individual portions. Instead of layering everything into one big casserole, each noodle is wrapped around a creamy filling to create adorable roll-ups that are then topped with a tangy tomato sauce. Halfway between a cheese sauce and a savory veggie purée, the rich filling in this recipe features a nutrient-packed mixture of butternut squash and navy beans that get an extra punch of flavor from white miso, tahini, and nutritional yeast. A handful of steamed spinach provides additional veggie goodness to this delectable meal. These easy and tasty lasagna rolls are bound to become a family favorite and make their way into your regular recipe rotation.

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