We all have favorite recipes that we make over and over again, and just for fun we thought we’d share some all-time faves from the FOK staff. Here are nine plant-based recipes that hold a special place in our hearts.

Kale Caesar Salad

“I like to blend up a batch of the cashew and mustard dressing on the weekend and use it to pour over fresh baby kale, grape tomatoes, and crunchy croutons for fresh, satisfying lunches throughout the week. The dressing gets better with age!” —Leslie Williams, Meal Planner Content Manager

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Tortilla Soup

“This soup smells amazing and tastes even better! I love the rich, spicy tomato flavor, and topped off with crunchy tortilla strips, the texture is phenomenal.” —Brian Wendel, President

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Our recipe app is a must-have for plant-based home cooks.

Ultimate Vegan Gravy

“This easy-to-make mushroom and herb gravy takes mashed potatoes to the next level of irresistible. I love that it makes creative use of cooked brown rice to thicken the sauce. Plus, it freezes beautifully—I often double the recipe!” —Jolia Allen, Social Media Strategist

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Israeli Couscous and Kale Salad

“This salad is so colorful and full of interesting textures—hearty kale, crunchy cucumbers and peppers, and tender tomatoes and Israeli couscous. The recipe has made me a lifelong fan of Israeli couscous—those tiny balls of pasta do a great job of soaking up the flavors of dressings, herbs, and spices.” —Elizabeth Turner, Editor in Chief

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Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

“I make these for guests, not a single crumb is left. Plant-based or not, everyone seems to love them. The taste and texture are amazing.” —Manon Yona, Project Manager

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Thai Chickpea-Almond Curry

“I’m a huge fan of Thai food, but not a fan of spending hours in the kitchen. After throwing all of the sauce ingredients in a blender, I love that you just pop everything into the oven for 30 minutes and out comes a delicious, fragrant curry. Magic!” —Pierre Wooldridge, Creative Director, Forks Meal Planner and Mobile App

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"No-Tuna" Salad Sandwich

“This salad was one of my favorite sandwiches growing up, and now I enjoy the comfort and all the flavor with this simple and fun plant-based version! And I absolutely love chickpeas. So this is a win-win-win-win.” —Steven Todd Smith, Community Manager

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Spinach Lasagna

“This was the first FOK recipe I ever tried, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Lasagna is one of my favorite foods. When my friend made this for me, I couldn’t believe how delicious it was, and I did not miss the cheese when I agreed to a second helping.” —India McCormick, Meal Planner Content Coordinator

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Warm Peach and Raspberry Crumble

“The nutty, almond, and oat topping tastes so good with baked fruit! This recipe inspired a “crumbling spree” last fall as I experimented with other fruit. It’s my go-to dessert when I want something special but don’t have much time.” —Lisa Esile, Newsletter Editor

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