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Plant-Powered Athlete Josh Garrett Attempts Pacific Crest Trail Speed Record

On June 10, vegan athlete Josh Garrett set out to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, a grueling 2,655-mile journey from Mexico to…

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Forks Over Knives Changed My Health and How I Treat My Patients

The discovery of whole-food, plant-based eating has transformed the way I think about health, both personally and professionally, all thanks to Forks…

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From Misguided Food Addict to Health Coach

In January of 2009, at the age of 32, I weighed 400 lbs. — a result of years of addictive eating, fueled…

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Dropping Weight and Feeling Great!

Thanks to discovering Forks Over Knives and The Engine 2 Diet, I have dropped 12 pounds in ten weeks, and my cholesterol…

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Who Should Take Cholesterol-lowering Statins? Everyone or No One?

Should cholesterol-lowering statins be added to our drinking water in order to prevent atherosclerosis, like fluoride is added to prevent tooth decay?…

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Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet for Life

In February of 2012 I was morbidly obese, weighing in at 370 pounds. At 25 years old, I was already experiencing chest pains…

Travis Goodrich before and after the Forks Over Knives plant-based diet helped him lose weight see article

The Myth of Complementary Protein

Recently, I was teaching a nutrition class and describing the adequacy of plant-based diets to meet human nutritional needs. A woman raised…

How did this “incomplete protein” myth become so widespread? Here I debunk the myth of complementary protein. see article

Freshwater Abuse and Loss: Where Is It All Going?

Along with climate change, perhaps the most pressing concern we have regarding sustaining our lives, and future life on earth, is our…

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Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy—People Are Desperate for Change

I have no intention of criticizing the famous actress, Angelina Jolie, for her decision to have both breasts removed in an effort…

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How a Plant-Based Lifestyle Helped Me Regain My Health and Youthfulness

For most of my adult life, I battled health and weight issues. Since about 18 years old, I fluctuated in weight and…

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My First 50-Mile Ultra-Marathon Was a Success

On race day for the 50-mile Mt. Si Ultra, I woke up at 4 a.m. and began getting ready. I ate a…

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Q&A with Rip Esselstyn on His New Book, “My Beef with Meat”

Rip Esselstyn, the former firefighter featured in Forks Over Knives and bestselling author of The Engine 2 Diet, has written a new…

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