18 Essential Baking Tools for Healthy Home Bakers

Baking can often be more of a science than an art: The precise chemical reactions, ingredient ratios, and strict cook times are sometimes tricky to master. But once you get the technique just right, the end result is oh-so-satisfying. Vegan home bakers know that plant-based recipes require a little extra know-how to produce scrumptious desserts, which is why we’ve rounded up the best baking tools and supplies to help turn your kitchen experiments into foolproof masterpieces.

Keep scrolling to discover all the essential baking tools that will ensure your sweet treats turn out perfect every time. 

Wildone Stainless Steel Measuring Cups & Magnetic Spoons | $36 at Amazon

Dishwasher-safe stainless steel won’t crack or get bent out of shape with constant use. Metric equivalents are marked on all the handles of these measuring cups and spoons, making for easy conversions. Bonus: The spoons nest neatly together, thanks to magnetic grips.

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer | $350 at William Sonoma

Some kitchen tasks just can’t be done quickly or easily by hand. (Aquafaba whipped cream, anyone?) That’s when an electric mixer comes in handy. Look around any professional kitchen and you’ll probably see a KitchenAid stand mixer among the equipment. We like the Artisan version, which blends pro-level power with home kitchen convenience.

Cuisinart 9 Speed Hand Mixer

Cuisinart 9 Speed Hand Mixer | $80 at Crate and Barrel

If the price point and kitchen space required of a stand mixer are out of the question, this hand mixer gets high marks for its powerful motor that makes short work of heavy-duty tasks. It’s a mixing essential for bakers with limited space who still want to whip up impressive treats.

Boxiki Premium Silicone Nonstick Durable Bundt Pan

Boxiki Premium Silicone Nonstick Durable Bundt Pan | $35 at Boxiki 

In addition to making any recipe look spectacular, fluted bundt pans help dense cake batters (many vegan recipes fall into this category) cook all the way through. This high-quality Boxiki pan has a steel frame to keep it from wobbling when filled with batter, while the silicone mold releases finished cake with ease.

Le Creuset 3-qt. Rectangular Baking Dish

Le Creuset 3-qt. Rectangular Baking Dish | $80 at Le Creuset 

Homemade crumbles, cobblers, and casseroles deserve to be showcased in a dish that’s beautiful enough to go from oven to table. Le Creuset’s eye-catching baker comes in a rainbow of gorgeous colors and will last a lifetime.

9.5 Inch Gobel Nonstick Tart Pan | $25 at Sur La Table

A shallow tart pan with a removable-bottom is a dream for oil-free baking because it provides easier access when unmolding. This pan is made in France with nonstick-coated steel and has a removable bottom. Gobel tart pans are built to last, and the 9.5-inch size can be used for most recipes that call for traditional 8- or 9-inch pie pans.

Easy-Flex Silicone Muffin/Cupcake Pan

Easy-Flex Silicone Muffin/Cupcake Pan | $13 at Wilton

Muffins and cupcakes are particularly prone to sticking, even when you grease the pan. Flexible silicone solves the problem without any grease at all. The only downside to flexible bakeware is, well, flexibility. Large models tend to wobble. This six-cavity Wilton pan is just the right size for easy handling, and you can always buy two to make a dozen treats.

Mrs. Anderson’s Nonstick 9-inch Cake Pans

Mrs. Anderson’s Nonstick 9-inch Cake Pans | $20 at Amazon

These home-baking essentials make oil-free layer cakes, including birthday cake, a no-fuss reality. The 100% silicone pans withstand temperatures as high as 500°F and release finished cakes with ease so your bakes always come out looking pristine.

HIC 6-oz. Fine White Porcelain Ramekins | $16 at Amazon

Six ounces is just the right size for single-serving desserts—hot or cold. Simple and elegant, these porcelain ramekins are restaurant-supply quality and can safely go in the oven, microwave, and freezer.

OXO 3-Piece Angled Measuring Cup Set

OXO 3-Piece Angled Measuring Cup Set | $21 at OXO

Angled measuring cups let you see measurements from the side and above for less uncomfortable bending and squinting as you bake. This three-piece set from OXO gets consistently high marks for precision from baking experts.

Jenaluca Medium Cookie Scoop | $21 at Jenaluca

Scoops are the solution for no-mess prep and perfect-looking baked goods. Medium  (1½-tablespoon) scoops are ideal for cookies and mini muffins, while large (ice cream size) scoops fill muffin tins without drips. We like the sturdy construction and comfortable grip of Jenaluca’s scoops. The elegant packaging makes them great as gifts, too.

Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl with Lid

Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl with Lid | $22 at Pampered Chef

Make the switch from unwieldy old-fashioned bowls to lighter models with handles, spouts, and lids. This Pampered Chef bowl features a pourable spout; measure markings in cups, ounces, liters, and millimeters; and a lid so that you can stash batters in the fridge, no plastic wrap needed.

OXO 11-inch Balloon Whisk

OXO 11-inch Balloon Whisk | $11 at OXO

A well-made wire whisk will last a lifetime and can be used to combine dry ingredients as well as mix, whip, and stir wet mixtures and batters. The OXO whisk has a comfortable, easy-grip handle that stays cool when using it over the stove.

Microplane Premium Classic Series Zester

Microplane Premium Classic Series Zester | $16 at Microplane

A quality zester makes short work of finely grating hard spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, star anise, and dried chiles, as well as softer things like garlic and citrus zest. This pro-caliber tool from Microplane has super sharp steel blades and an ergonomic handle—plus, it’s dishwasher safe.

Lenox Cake Knife Serving Set

Lenox Cake Knife Serving Set | $50 at Lenox

Give homemade baked goods the love they deserve by pulling out a dedicated serving set when

it’s time to cut them. The sharp, serrated knife in the Lenox server set gives this two-piece bundle an edge over other cake servers.

Nambe Tiered Dessert Stand

Nambe Tiered Dessert Stand | $45 at Houzz

A tiered stand turns anything you put on it into a luscious display while making more room for treats on the counter or table. Lighter than a glass or ceramic stand, the Nambé Skye Wood Tiered Dessert Stand goes with any decor—and even fits in on an outdoor patio as you display summertime desserts.

Silpat Half-Sheet Silicone Baking Mat

Silpat Half-Sheet Silicone Baking Mat | $30 at William Sonoma

Silicone pan liners aren’t just for baking; they can turn any sheet pan into a nonstick roaster for savory foods as well. The fiberglass mesh built into these Silpat mats promotes even heat distribution and makes it stronger than silicone-only liners.

Half Sheet Baking Parchment Paper

Half Sheet Baking Parchment Paper | $23 at King Arthur

Line any pan with parchment for an instant nonstick surface—and easy cleanup. The professional-grade precut sheets from King Arthur can be reused, making them a bargain. 

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