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Tag: healthy cooking 101

The Best Low-Fat, Low-Sugar Granola Recipe + 5 Flavor Variations

Most store-bought granolas are packed full of oil, sugar, and sodium, but our easy oil-free granola recipe transforms this breakfast staple from…

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Cheap Eats: Toni Okamoto’s New Plant-Based on a Budget Cookbook Makes Vegan Meals Accessible for All

A commonly cited obstacle amongst people considering going vegan is the perceived cost. And it makes sense: Many Westerners build their diets…

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Plant-Based Pros Share Their Favorite Quick Vegan Dinner Ideas

Don’t have time on busy weeknights to cook up a culinary masterpiece for dinner? We spoke to some of our favorite plant-based…

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Six Easy Meals to Make with Leftover Chili

Vegan chili is the perfect meal for warming you up from the inside out, and there are plenty of creative possibilities for…

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Cook Twice, Eat 6 Times: Vegan Lunch Meal Prep

Looking to relieve lunchtime boredom? Our easy one-week vegan lunch prep guide uses two base recipes to create six delectable dishes that…

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Plant-Based Pros Share Their Favorite Quick Breakfasts

The first meal of the day has long been touted as the most important one. But fueling your brain and your body…

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13 Ways to Make Any Jarred Pasta Sauce Better

There are all kinds of easy ways to personalize prepared pasta sauce and turn it into something that tastes special. We’ve put…

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Our Favorite Nonstick Kitchen Tools for Easy Oil-Free Cooking

Eating whole-food, plant-based means cutting out as many processed foods as possible—including oil. Despite popular claims that some oils, such as olive…

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2022 Gift Guide: Serious Treats for Healthy Home Cooks

Black Friday is over, so we swung back around the internet to re-check prices and add a few updates to our kitchen…

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You Should Know About These Boutique Food Brands That Cater to Whole-Food, Plant-Based Eaters

Add a little something special to your home-cooked meals with these artisanal whole-food, plant-based products. From salt-free spice blends to hearty whole…

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How to Cook the Perfect Baked Potato

Baked potatoes are one-ingredient wonders that require no recipe, no work, and no doctoring up to be absolutely delicious. Here are all…

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20 Meal-Prep Tips From People Who’ve Been Doing It For Years

Meal prepping can save you tons of time on cooking throughout the week—that is, if you know how to do it properly….

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