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Tag: Success Stories

From Meds to Marathons: How a Plant-Based Diet Reversed My Asthma and Eczema

Imagine an active eight-year-old boy playing baseball, basketball, and tennis …  going nonstop. Now, imagine that same boy hindered with difficulty breathing…

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My Patient Didn’t Just Control His Diabetes, He Cured It!

Some of you may have read my story about how I came to embrace a whole-food, plant-based diet and the effects it…

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I Overcame a Life of Meat, Junk Food and Sickness by Adopting a Plant-Based Diet

For years, I lived the fat life … big rare T-bones, grilled lamb chops, dirty martinis, fried calamari appetizers, large pieces of…

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Hyperglycemia Gone … and Getting Healthier at 52

A year ago I visited my doctor for a checkup, in order to get a prescription filled. My weight had ballooned to…

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I Lost 155 Pounds, Normalized My Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure … and Feel Absolutely Amazing!

Since I was young, I struggled with my weight. Growing up, I experienced judgments from my peers and had difficulty keeping up with…

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Together, We Lost 200 Pounds in 2 Years!

I recently celebrated my anniversary of being 100% plant based. My journey began in March of 2012. I was determined to lose…

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After a Bypass and a Grim Diagnosis, a WFPB Diet Reversed My Husband’s Heart Disease

In the middle of March 2012, my husband Dale and I watched Forks Over Knives, and halfway through he said to me,…

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My Journey From Doctor to MS Patient and How I’m Healing Myself with a Plant-Based Diet

Life can change in a moment. It did for me. October 11, 1995 started out like any other grueling 24-hour shift at the…

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Sick and Declining at 23 … Radiant and Soaring at 25!

My name is Kimberly Allison, and I am 25 years old. I was raised on the standard American diet and ate that…

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Fit Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Healthy … Now at 50, I’m Both!

I am a former Ms. Natural Olympia drug-free bodybuilding champion. My mantra used to be “protein, protein, protein!” Six times a day, I ate…

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Running for “Health” Wasn’t Enough … Eating Plants Made All the Difference!

I immigrated to the United States seven years ago from Russia. Right away the pleasures of American cuisine turned out to be…

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The Plant-Based Lifestyle Is the Best Medicine I’ve Ever Prescribed

As a cardiologist, I am delighted to share the many ways Forks Over Knives has been an incredible resource for my patients,…

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