A year ago I visited my doctor for a checkup, in order to get a prescription filled. My weight had ballooned to 249 pounds (my height is 6’4″). I was on medication for high blood pressure, an enlarged prostate, and high cholesterol. My energy level was low and I was suffering from depression.

I attributed these symptoms to being over 50 (currently I am 52) and assumed they were a natural part of the aging process. The doctor had left the room for a moment and I looked on the screen showing my report … and I saw the dreaded word “hyperglycemia.”


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I went back home after the doctor’s visit feeling sorry for myself. The only thing I wanted to do was lie on the couch and watch television. I stumbled across Forks Over Knives on Netflix and decided to watch it. Needless to say, this documentary changed my life.

I embraced a whole-food diet. I decided to buy most of my fruits and vegetables from a local produce market that featured organic food. I downloaded an app for my smart phone that identified GMO products so that I can stay away from them. I began using nondairy products in place of dairy-based ones. And I started to exercise, mostly walking.

Now one year later, I weigh 217 pounds, and my goal of 210 is within reach. My energy level has tripled, and I feel and look 20 years younger. I have stopped one medication, and I plan to stop all of them over the next three months. Hyperglycemia is no longer a concern.

My beautiful wife has also embraced the plant-based lifestyle and has lost weight. She recently went back to competitive swimming.

I rewarded myself by fixing my cross-country skis, which I hadn’t used in more than 30 years. I really enjoyed skiing this winter and I’m looking forward to lots of physical activity this summer. Life is good!

Two photos showing Julie Tomlinson before and after adopting a plant-based wfpb diet for weight loss, blood pressure, and cholesterol - on the right, she's lost 100 pounds
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