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Packed full of flavor, curry dishes are some of the most satisfying and comforting meals you can make.

And did you know the word “curry” is a broad term made up by Westerners to refer to Indian-spiced dishes or other dishes served over rice? Which makes about as much sense to people from India as calling all egg dishes an “omelette.”  (To read more on this, check out this article from Little Global Chefs.)

But one thing we all agree is that they’re delicious! Here are 10 fabulous, plant-based curry dishes from around the world.

Curried Tomato Lentil Soup (Shorba Addis)

This recipe is based on an Ethiopian soup with a rich, deep curry flavor and complex textures. (Shorba means stew, and Addis is the capital of Ethiopia.) It only takes 15 minutes to prepare, then put your feet up for 45 minutes while it cooks.

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Creamy Potato Curry

With a thick and creamy texture and irresistible flavor, this curry potato recipe is the ultimate comfort food. The creamy quality comes from soaking the cashews for at least 30 minutes—try not to skip this step as the longer they soak, the more creamy it is!

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Aloo Mattar

Aloo Mattar is one of the most popular North Indian dishes, and most households have their own recipe. This is Chef Darshana’s family recipe, handed down from her mother. The secret lies in dry roasting the special blend of spices for a couple of minutes at the start.

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Indian Curry Lentils

A simple and wholesome legume dish that will tickle your senses with fragrant spices. It takes only 3 minutes to prepare (if you can believe it!) and uses everyday ingredients. A great fallback meal for when you’re caught short and haven’t thought about dinner.

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Quinoa Curry Bowl

This yummy curry bowl only takes 15 minutes to cook! The frozen mixed vegetables make it the perfect “grab” meal. And because it uses curry powder—if you don’t have the individual spices, you’re covered.

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An East Indian comfort food dish of rice, lentils, and split peas, with a delicious combination of herbs and spices that’ll fill your kitchen with wonderful aromas. There are a lot of ingredients, so allow extra time to prepare this one.

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Lentil, Chard & Sweet Potato Curry

Serve this gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free dish on top of rice or quinoa, or alongside a piece of vegan chapati, naan, or crusty French bread. It’s one of our most popular recipes, enjoyed by over tens of thousands of readers!

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Curry Roasted Cauliflower

What a simple and delicious recipe from whole-food, plant-based blogger Molly Patrick. These cauliflower bites make a great side dish, perfect for when friends come over or you want something special. They’re crispy and so full of flavor. (Note: when you get to Molly’s website, scroll down to see the recipe itself.)

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Thai Green Curry Rice

Let’s head East with this recipe from Mary McDougall, co-author of The Starch Solution. It uses a mild Thai green curry paste, which you can get from most Asian food markets—you can swap red paste if you like it extra spicy. And for an especially colorful dish, use Thai purple rice in place of the brown rice.

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Yam Chickpea Spinach Curry

This is another super quick and tasty recipe! The spice mix brings the tomatoes, chickpeas, and sweet potatoes to life. Serve on its own or over rice, quinoa or a baked potato.

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Rosa DeSensi5 months ago
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Yum! I just love your recipes! I love that they are diverse and easy to prepare with only a few ingredients. Thank you for providing such a healthy and tasty way to eat

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