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What Is Freekeh?

A staple grain in the Mediterranean basin, Middle East, and parts of Africa, freekeh is a type of wheat harvested when it’s…

Freekeh grains in a wooden spoon and scattered across a black table see article

Ditching Meat May Decrease Cancer Risk by 14 Percent

A new study spearheaded by researchers from Oxford University found that eating less meat—or better yet, eliminating it altogether—can lower the risk…

A masked doctor looks at a MRI scan see article

What Are Collard Greens, and How Do You Cook Them?

Collard greens, or collards, are a leafy green vegetable like lettuce, Swiss chard, and spinach. Along with mustard greens, turnips, and cabbage,…

Collard Greens on a dish towel and cutting board see article

I’m Keeping Lupus in Check with an Oil-Free Vegan Diet

My first of four autoimmune diagnoses came in 2007 after I fell off a horse and broke my leg in four places….

Jo Pronger Faulkner Before and After Adopting a Plant-Based Oil-Free Vegan Diet to Manage Autoimmune Symptoms -- in the "After" photo, her skin looks healthier and less puffy see article

What Plant-Based Pros Like to Eat for Snacks

You’ve mastered the art of whole-food, plant-based breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But what to eat in between? We asked plant-based veterans what…

fresh fruit and nuts see article

Knife Skills for Beginners: A Visual Guide to Slicing, Dicing, and More

Finding that it takes you more time to chop and prep your ingredients than to actually cook them into a meal? This…

A dark cutting board with three knives laid out parallel across the board, along with a few radishes and a small bowl with finely chopped herbs see article

How Carleigh Bodrug’s Oil-Free Plant-Based Instagram Posts Became a Bestselling Vegan Cookbook

Boasting nearly 1 million followers on Instagram, a recipe website, and a popular podcast, plant-based wunderkind Carleigh Bodrug just released her most…

PlantYou author Carleigh Bodrug hugging her orange cat next to an image of the Plant You Cookbook cover see article

My 30 Years of Joint Pain Lifted Within Months on a Plant-Based Diet

In 1988, I began developing recurring migratory abdominal, thoracic, and joint pain associated with recurring low-grade fevers. Essentially, my whole body felt…

Kendale Ritchey, DPM, in two photos, before and after adopting a whole-food, plant-based diet to tame painful inflammation from familial Mediterranean fever see article

New Study: Eating More Plant Foods Could Increase Lifespan by up to 13 Years

Incorporating more fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and nuts into your diet could increase your lifespan by a decade or more, according…

Vegetables, fruit, nuts, lentils and bread lay spread out on a white counter see article

Vegan Fridays Come to NYC Public Schools

The more than 1 million students in New York City Public Schools  have a new reason to look forward to Fridays. On…

External doors of an NYC Public school see article

What Is Cassava, and How Do You Cook With It?

“Cassava,” “yuca,” “manioc,” and “tapioca” are all names for a large, hard root vegetable that is native to Brazil. Cassava is a…

Cassava/yuca root on a table with some cassava flour in a bowl see article

Meal Planning has Simplified My Life, Improved My Health

In a very short span of time, I lost my job of 15 years, I moved from a big modern home to…

A man stands beside a vegan Thanksgiving spread see article

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