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Flaxseeds 101: How (and Why) to Use Them in Cooking and Baking

Cruise through any natural foods market and you’ll find flaxseeds have become a popular addition to everything from breakfast cereals to pet…

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After Years of Severe Asthma and Chronic Pain, I’m Breathing Easier on a Plant-Based Diet

My plant-based journey began when I’d been cancer-free for 10 years and had a newborn son. I came to the grim realization…

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Plant-Based Meals Set to Become the Default at All NYC Public Hospitals

Hospital meals have long centered on meat, dairy, and highly processed foods—standard American diet fare that has been linked to obesity and…

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Healthy Cooking Skills Every Vegan Should Know

Gain skills and confidence in the kitchen with these healthy-cooking how-to’s for whole-food, plant-based home cooks.

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Antioxidants: Facts and Myths Explained

“Antioxidants” is one of the biggest—and most misunderstood—buzzwords in the world of health and wellness. When everything from food packaging to recipe…

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How to Deal with Freezer Burn and Other Frozen-Food Pitfalls

Freezer burn is a catch-all term for the unpleasant changes in appearance, taste, and texture of frozen foods. Read on for tips…

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How to Cook the Perfect Pot of Brown Rice Every Time

Brown rice has been a staple food in diets worldwide for over 5,000 years—and for good reason. The whole grain is packed…

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Webinar Replay: Going Plant-Based: How to Get Started and Stay in the Game with Tim Kaufman

Learn the secrets of lasting success on a whole-food, plant-based diet from real-life success story Tim Kaufman. In this inspiring webinar, Tim Kaufman of FatManRants…

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World’s Largest Team of Vegan Strength Athletes Set to Compete at 2022 Mr. America Competition

Update 10/20/2022: The results are in! Find out how the Vegan Strong PlantBuilt team performed below. As one of the world’s most…

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5 Years After a Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis, My Mom Is Thriving on a Plant-Based Diet

My plant-based journey began the summer of 2017 after my otherwise healthy and vibrant mom received a shocking stage 4 lung cancer…

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Ratatouille Reimagined: 8 Ways to Enjoy Leftovers of the Classic French Dish

Ratatouille, the beloved Provençal dish enjoyed by both countryside farmers and cosmopolitan elites, calls for simmering a blend of Mediterranean herbs and…

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Pitch Perfect: Relief Pitcher Ryan Sherriff on Going Plant-Based, Managing Big-League Stress

Photo by Noah Diamond From Chris Paul to Venus Williams to the Tennessee Titans, more and more pro athletes have been going…

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