Chef AJ Chef


Chef AJ is a culinary instructor in Los Angeles who has followed a plant-based diet for more than thirty years. She is author of Unprocessed: How to Achieve Vibrant Health and Your Ideal Weight. Chef AJ’s passion is teaching people how to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet in ways that are easy, delicious, and fun. Visit for updates from Chef AJ.

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Christine Waltermyer Chef


Christine Waltermyer is the co-owner of The Natural Kitchen Cooking School, an all-vegan cooking school, and author of The Natural Vegan Kitchen. Christine has developed recipes for Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book Super Immunity as well as for Dr. Neal Barnard’s book Power Foods for the Brain.

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Christy Morgan Chef


Christy Morgan, known as The Blissful & Fit Chef, is a vegan chef, educator, athlete, and personal trainer. She is the author of Blissful Bites: Plant-based Meals That Nourish Mind, Body, and Planet and the Editor-in-Chief and creator of Definition Magazine. Contact her for details on how to reach all your health and fitness goals!

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Claire Georgiou Author


Claire Georgiou is an Australian naturopath, nutritionist, and herbalist. Claire has a Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) and an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and Nutrition. Claire is a nutritionist with Reboot with Joe and also privately consults patients at the Rosebery Holistic Medical Practice in Sydney. Claire specializes in liver dysfunction, digestive health, weight loss, thyroid, and hormone imbalances.

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Columbus Batiste, MD, FACC, FSCAI Author


Columbus Batiste, MD, FACC, FSCAI, is the Chief of Cardiology at Kaiser Permanente Riverside and Moreno Valley Medical Centers. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine and fellowship in Cardiovascular Disease at Loma Linda University Medical Center. He is also known as the “Healthy Heart Doc” and he endorses a holistic approach to health care, emphasizing nutrition, stress reduction, and exercise.

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Cory Warren Author


Cory Warren is a husband, father of three, and vegan athlete who helps busy families eat more plant-based foods! His blog, Lean Green DAD, helps over-scheduled, busy people (mostly parents) maintain a healthy balance of plant-based nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness so they can go the extra mile for their families.

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Craig McDougall, MD Author


Craig McDougall, MD is practice lead for ZOOM+Prime in Portland, OR. Prior to joining ZOOM+, he was the physician lead and co-developer of the Northwest Permanente Healthy Living Program at Kaiser Permanente. Dr. McDougall also works as a staff physician and educator at the McDougall Program‘s 8-day, live-in programs. A graduate of the Ohio State University College of Medicine, he lives with his wife and two children in Portland.

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Cyrus Khambatta, PhD Author


Cyrus Khambatta received his PhD in nutritional biochemistry from the University of California at Berkeley. He started Mangoman Nutrition and Fitness in 2013 to teach people with diabetes how to measure, track, and reverse insulin resistance through plant-based nutrition and strategic exercise. Through nutrition education, exercise coaching, and his personal experience as a person with type 1 diabetes, he positively influences the lives of people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes around the world. For more information, visit

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Dana Shultz

Dana Shultz is the recipe developer and co-author of the Minimalist Baker, a website devoted to simple cooking, which she founded with her husband, John. All recipes require 10 ingredients or less or 30 minutes or less to prepare. She is the author of Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking and the 31 Meals Cookbook.

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Darshana Thacker Chef


Darshana Thacker is chef and culinary project manager for Forks Over Knives. A graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute, she’s known for her hearty and distinctly flavorful creations, which draw inspiration from a wide range of ethnic traditions. Chef Darshana was the recipe author of Forks Over Knives Family and a lead recipe contributor for the New York Times bestseller The Forks Over Knives Plan. Her recipes have been published in The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook, Forks Over Knives—The Cookbook, Forks Over Knives: The Plant-Based Way to Health, and LA Yoga magazine online. Chef Darshana has catered numerous events, served as a private chef and regularly holds individual and group cooking classes. Visit for more.

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David Simon

David Robinson Simon is a lawyer and advocate for sustainable consumption. He works as general counsel for a healthcare company and is the author of the book Meatonomics: How the Rigged Economics of Meat and Dairy Make You Consume Too Much, and How to Eat Better, Live Longer, and Spend Smarter (Conari Press, 2013). Among other things, Meatonomics looks at the effects on consumers of ag-gag laws and other aggressive legal protections that animal food producers have put in place over the past several decades. Dave serves on the boards of Animal Protection & Rescue League and the APRL Fund, and on the advisory council of the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

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Dawn Hutchins Chef


Dawn Hutchins is the mastermind behind Florida Coastal Cooking & Wellness. She eats, breathes and lives a judgement-free, plant-based lifestyle. She loves teaching people how to eat clean and how to naturally reach (and keep!) their ideal body weight and feel fantastic.

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Dean Ornish, MD Author


Dean Ornish, MD is president and founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, California, as well as clinical professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.  He is the author of six books, all national bestsellers, including: Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease; Eat More, Weigh Less; Love & Survival; and his most recent book, The Spectrum. Visit for more from Dr. Ornish.

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Del Sroufe Chef


Chef Del Sroufe is co-owner and executive chef of Wellness Forum Foods, a whole-food, plant-based meal delivery and catering service in Columbus, Ohio. He is the author of Forks Over Knives – The Cookbook and Better Than Vegan. Del teaches cooking classes and helps people transition to a healthy plant-based diet.

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Doug Lisle, PhD Author


Doug Lisle, PhD, is the staff psychologist and director of research for TrueNorth Health Center and psychologist and speaker for the McDougall Wellness Program. Dr. Lisle has published numerous articles in the scientific literature and is co-author of The Pleasure Trap: Mastering the Hidden Force that Undermines Health & Happiness.

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Dreena Burton Chef


Dreena Burton has written five cookbooks charting her journey as a plant-powered cook and at-home mother of three. Always passionate about creating nutritious recipes, she is an advocate of using the “vegan basics” (beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables) to create dishes that are healthy but also very satisfying and delicious! For more on her plant-powered recipes and newest cookbook, Plant-Powered Families, visit

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Ella Woodward Author


Ella Woodward is the author of the food blog, She started the blog after being diagnosed with a rare illness called postural tachycardia syndrome (PoTS) in 2011, which left her unable to get out of bed. When conventional medicine failed, she turned to diet and overnight gave up meat, gluten, dairy, sugar, and anything processed. After eighteen months, her illness was in remission. The blog is all about making healthy eating fun, easy and delicious!

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Felicia Cocotzin Ruiz Chef


Felicia Cocotzin Ruiz is a natural foods activist, herbalist, educator, and private chef with deep family roots in northern New Mexico (Tiwa, Mexican, Spanish). She sees indigenous foods as models of nutrition, and has cultivated a modern cooking style that has been influenced by her heritage. She has been featured in Native Peoples Magazine and the National Museum of the American Indian Magazine. Visit her site to learn more.

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