Forks Over Knives Helped Me Lose 100 Pounds and Reduce Medications

By Freddie Schmidtke,

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Five months ago, my life was extremely different. After having had two heart attacks and two stents inserted, I was on high doses of blood pressure medicine and struggling with daily tasks. For example, I would go to the grocery or retail store and look for the closest parking spot to ensure the shortest walk possible to the store’s entrance. I would then use a scooter to get around while shopping if I could find one. If not, I would lean on the shopping cart to act as a walker in order to reduce the pain I felt in my knees from carrying all of this weight.

I also couldn’t bend over to do simple things like tie my shoes, cut my toenails, or do yard work. Then I watched Forks Over Knives and decided to try the plant-based diet. What did I have to lose? After watching the movie, my amazing weight loss journey began. Initially my weight did not register on my 400 pound scale. Then in about a month it did register and I weighed 382 pounds.

My initial goal was to lose 20 pounds but my daughter encouraged me to double it to 40. And when I lost 40 pounds, I decided to see if I could lose 80 pounds. Soon my new goal was to get my weight below 300 pounds, which I had not seen in 13 years. After 5 months of this diet and lifestyle, I am now down 100 pounds and feel like a completely different person.

My health has greatly benefited from my change in diet. Since making the change, my cardiologist has lowered some of my heart medications and eliminated one. He said that if I keep doing what I am doing he would eliminate another medication. He also stated that I did not have to take the stress test next year as long as I stay the course.

I no longer have to count calories. I just eat as much as I like and the pounds melt away. Thank you so much for the opportunity to change my health. You have greatly improved my life. I feel great again and better than I have felt in 15 years. I will recommend this lifestyle change to everyone I know that is struggling with weight loss and health problems.

Has a whole-food, plant-based diet impacted your life?

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