Hummus and baked sweet potato add heft along with luscious texture to these vegan veggie roll-ups. You can also skip slicing and enjoy them as wraps. 

Note that this recipe calls for baked sweet potato. One of our favorite healthy-eating hacks is to bake a few potatoes or sweet potatoes at once and stash them in the fridge (wrapped individually in cling wrap) to use throughout the week. 

By Nancy Macklin, RDN,


  • ⅔ cup oil-free hummus
  • ¼ cup sliced scallions (green onions)
  • 4 6-inch whole wheat tortillas
  • 1½ cups fresh baby spinach
  • 1 cup chopped baked sweet potato (no skin)
  • ¼ cup chopped red bell pepper
  • 2 tablespoons sunflower kernels, toasted


  • In a small bowl stir together hummus and scallions. Spread over tortillas. Top with spinach, sweet potato, bell pepper, and sunflower kernels; gently press into the hummus.
  • Roll up tortillas and wrap individually using plastic wrap or reusable wrapper. Refrigerate at least 1 hour. Slice rolls into 1-inch pieces.

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Heather Anderson

Absolutely incredible. Didn’t think I liked raw bell peppers but it was wonderful. I baked the sweet potatoes before bed and refrigerated. I loved all the flavors! This will be made regularly at our house. Great to keep on hand for fast meals!

Mary Frances

If I make the wraps ahead and store in the refrigerator, how long will they keep? I would love to just be able to grab one each morning as I head off to work as I don't have much time to assemble it each day.


These were great! Pleasantly surprised, they had great flavor and contrast of textures. Easy to make, and I'll definitely make again.


These were a big hit with my meat loving’ hubby! Very easy to make and great for transportable lunches.


I’m presuming the sweet potatoes are baked, what temperature and time?


Is there a reason for the oil free hummus? I wanted to make my own & I believe it calls for oil.


You can sub aquafaba from the canned garbanzo beans and eliminate the calories and fats from the oil. I use Eden beans which are canned without any salt.


It’s easy to make oil-free hummus. I’m sure FOK has a recipe. If not check out The Esselstyn’s….or google Engine 2 oil free hummus.


The Tahini has plenty of fat. You don't need to add olive oil to make a good hummus (which is just flavored, pureed, chickpea dip). You make any bean a 'hummus' by flavoring your favorite cooked bean with traditional hummus ingredients or by coming up with something completely unique to your own tastes! Don't let traditional food names or recipes hang you up from exploring those without the added refined oils, salts, and sugars.


Is one tortilla wrap one serve for this recipe? Or is an adult serving 1 & 1/2 tortillas? Please confirm! Looking for how much I’ll need for 2 adults for lunch


Hi Sarah, This recipe is to serve 4.

Mary Kellagher

These were easy and delicious. I made them for a pool party snack and everyone loved them! I'll be making them again for sure.


Amazing! Thx FOK!


It would be helpful to have the nutritional value along with the recipes.



Jillian Walmsley

I've never liked sweet potatoes much, but I want the nutrients they have. I've eaten and really enjoyed yam tempura sushi, but tempura is deep fried food. Delicious, but not healthy. So, I had the thought to make savory dishes with sweet potato, and see if I like them that way. Enter the Forks Over Knives Sweet Potato Veggie Roll-Ups. They have hummus, sweet potato, sweet peppers and spinach, and they're really good!! First attempt is officially a success!!

Lisa Fogliani

I'm not a sweet potato fan, but really wanted the nutrients and fiber. Thanks for sharing. You've encouraged me to give them a try. I even wrote down the recipe, so no turning back now! :)

Trina Thames

For tonight

Shannon R

Silly question- how is everyone preparing the sweet potato for this?


Baked until still firm or steamed only until fork goes thru but still firm. Hope that helps.

Brenda Lowe

Delicious. I used red lentil tortillas - red lentils, water, dried herbs of choice - and freeze them. I cook them in a non-stick pan.

Linda M

Great! My husband and I both loved these! The hummus, scallions and sweet potato taste so good together. Doesn't take much time to put together and cutting them up into pieces makes it so much easier and neater to eat. I don't usually like raw peppers but it only adds a nice crunch, along with the toasted seeds.

Terry La Notte

Used rice wraps and was absolutely delicious. Then it was rolled and cut into pieces like sushi rolls.


Is there a gluten free adaptation to this recipe?


Just use gluten-free tortillas! ;-)

Terry La Notte

I have Celiac Disease so this was adapted. Rice Wraps were used instead of tortillas. It was rolled and cut in portions like sushi. It was delicious!


In the FOK app, this recipe makes 24 pieces. Nice! And it makes it easy to track the nutritional information based on that proportion. Thank you!

Faith Evans

gf tortillas are $1 apiece.


Easy to make and they were really delicious.


Where do you find whole wheat tortillas that are oil-free? Stacy's whole wheat tortillas contain 3cc of sunflower oil per tortilla. That seems like a lot to me.

Farrah Giannoni

Ezekiel makes sprouted whole grain and oil free tortillas.


Why is there no nutritional information? As a Diabetic I need to know/count my carbs.


Nutritional details for all of the recipes on this site can be found on the FOK app (Forks Plant-Based Recipes). Best $5 you'll ever spend.


Absolutely love this recipe. If you stick to the amounts it says the flavors blend in so nicely together that you don't taste anything specific. If you really like an ingredient just put a little more than what it says. I have been recommending this to everyone I know.


Just wondering, why do you say no skin on the sweet potato? Is this just a personal preference? I’ve always left mine on because I thought this added more nutritional value, so I’m curious why you instructed to remove. Maybe you know something I don’t . Thank you for the recipe, going to try it this week!


I leave the skin on. It's your choice. The recipe probably looks prettier for pics with the skin off.

Dr Velonda



Please, please, can you tell me what is one serving/or meal amount? This is my only complaint about FOK recipes. Recipe sounds great but I would probably over eat without someone telling me correct amount. Thanks


One serving/meal amount is *as much as it takes you to feel satisfied*. I would recommend taking a tour around the FOK site; you will understand that this way of eating is about gaining nutrition/health, not “portion control for weight loss,” as that direction never works. The more nutrients your body absorbs, the easier the excess pounds will melt off, naturally. Eat healthfully in abundance!

Sherry Kirchner

This was very easy/quick to make. It was very good and we will eat it again.


That’s the beauty of eating this way. You can eat as much as you need to feel satisfied. “Diets” don’t work because people feel deprived. This WOE is built for the long term.


Why did you only give it 4 stars though? You can’t dock a star if you don’t state why.


Sound delicious. Where can I find the nutritional information for this recipe?

Gayla Holmes

Haven't tried it yet, but it sounds easily doable. Just gotta figure out where to find an oil-free brand of hummus.


Oil free hummus is easy to make if you have a small food processor or blender. Drain a can of garbanzo beans (chick peas) and put in the food processor. Add some lemon juice and garlic and blend until smooth. Use amounts to your taste.


I found it at whole foods last week


I found one in my local market, they used the aqua fab from the can of chickpeas in lieu of oil ; )


Very easy to make your own hummus without oil. And it's delicious.


People who have concern for the environment are now being attacked? How ridiculous- instead of focusing on the accurate point made.

Rebecca Saunders

These look delicious I’m going to try them, but here in the uk oil free wraps are not available anywhere.

Carolyn Daniele

All spinach organic and regular is high on the contaminated list. Is there something else you could suggest?


choose kale instead of spinach.


Just put them in a container, plastic/glass. Just say thank you and move on


This sounds delicious and we will be adding to our lunch menus for work! Thank you for sharing!


People are so ungrateful. Instead of wining about plastic, how about saying thank you for the free healthy and delicious recipe.


Delicious! The toasted sunflower seeds give a tasty addition! I wrapped in wax paper & served immediately.


Is there a brand of tortilla that is recommended? We are limited here and can only find the Mission brand which has lots of ingredients. Lots!


Maybe look for a recipe online and make the tortillas from scratch. I did that many years ago. :-)


Ezekiel brand has the best ingredients that I've found. They sell them at Sprouts and Trader Joe's and many other stores. Ezekiel also makes great pita bread, English muffins and cereal. Check them out!


How long will they last in the refrigerator? Is freezing recommended?


How long will they keep in the refrierator? Is freezing recommended?


What are the dark sprinkles in the picture? Spice of some sort? Nothing listed in ingredients or in anyones comments.


The recipe looks great. But cling wrap? That seems wasteful, and creates more plastic in the landfill. Why not just re-use one or more plastic bags - for example, the bag that the tortillas came in?


No good deed goes unpunished. Free recipe. There's always that one person to complain.

T. Nantel

Joanne has a valid point and you could have responded with a new outlook and be open to her suggestion. We all live together on this planet. Every little effort goes a long way into our children's future. The recipe, of course, is appreciated. This is merely the next step in awareness.


Go ahead and re-use a plastic bag! Why so critical?


Appears simple to make and fast. The image looks yummy . Will try it soonest


This looks absolutely delicious and I'm looking forward to trying it. Thanks! I've pinned it.

Tina Lockhart

why can't I print it?


It appears that you can email it to yourself or copy it and print from there.


Just below the picture there is an option Print/Save. Just click on print. I didn't have a problem printing it. Sometimes I make a screen capture and save that way.

Emiliana Aquino

Looks delish....for a good and healthy snack or light meal. Love this idea. Thank you.

Bev Husak

This sounds delicious. I will definitely make it


Yummy as lunch or appetizer

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