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A Complete Guide to the Best Yoga YouTube Channels for Every Style and Experience Level

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Eating a whole-food, plant-based diet is one of the most crucial components of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preventing disease. But movement—especially mindful movement, like yoga—is another powerful practice that can help you maintain a flourishing body, mind, and heart. Yoga not only helps you develop strength, balance, and flexibility, but the deeper benefits of quieting your mind and feeling in tune with your body are the ultimate reward of getting on your mat. 

Whether you’re brand new to yoga or an experienced student, it can be daunting to navigate the wide variety of class styles and figure out which one is right for you. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to try different styles from the comfort of your own home: YouTube! To make your journey toward mindful movement easier, we’ve broken down the most common types of yoga and their unique benefits, along with the best free YouTube channels for each style.

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Gentle Yoga and Yoga For Beginners

Yoga With Adriene

In Sanskrit, the word “yoga” means “to yoke” or “to bring into union.” This concept of unity refers to yoga’s goal of connecting the mind, body, and spirit so that all parts of your being work together in harmony. Gentle yoga uses slow, easy movements to stretch and strengthen while encouraging students to get accustomed to working with their breath. While it’s a great place for new students to start, it can also be used to counterbalance a more advanced practice. The YouTube channels below are perfect for beginners who want to learn about the foundational postures of yoga, basic meditation techniques, pranayama (breathing exercises), and how to get in tune with your body. Each teacher offers classes of varying lengths so you can decide how much or how little you want to do. 

  • Yoga with Adriene: The queen of YouTube yoga, Adriene Mishler creates videos that are approachable, enjoyable, and entertaining for both newbies and experienced yogis alike. With over 10 million followers, she has a massive library of videos that are perfect for folks who are just beginning to explore this style of movement. Check out her curated playlists and keep an eye out for her cute dog, Benji, who frequently makes cameo appearances!
  • Yoga with Kassandra: Kassandra Reinhardt’s “Beginner Yoga Classes” playlist features more than 250 videos—enough to keep you busy for quite a while! Her warm and inviting attitude makes every class feel like she’s teaching directly to you. Be sure to also check out her extensive collection of morning stretch videos to start your day on a positive note with some gentle movement. 
  • YogaTX: Based in Austin, Texas, YogaTX features a range of incredible teachers who all provide unique YouTube sessions. Most videos are 30 minutes or less, making it the perfect introduction to yoga for new students. With an extensive library of beginner-specific videos, 30-day challenges, and classes for physical injuries, this is a must-follow YouTube yoga channel. 
  • Allie the Journey Junkie: Passionate about teaching the full breadth of yogic practices, Allie Van Fossen posts unique and engaging classes in addition to a wealth of educational material (such as lectures on the chakra system ). If you’re interested in moving your body while connecting to the spiritual and philosophical roots of yoga, then you’ll definitely want to check out Allie’s channel for thoughtful videos that are perfect for beginners. 
  • Yoga with Bird: Francine Cipollone, also known as Bird, is loved by the online world for her gentle and accessible teaching style. Her calming voice and easy-to-follow cues make her videos ideal for anyone who is nervous about not understanding the postures. She’s created hundreds of videos that are 20 minutes or less so you can ease your way into a full hour-long class.

Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Yoga is a great way to teach mindfulness, bodily awareness, coordination, and kindness to kids of all ages. These YouTube yogis make the practice accessible to young minds and keep them engaged with creative storytelling. Try one of these videos next time your child needs to burn off some excess energy!

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga: This channel is a treasure trove of creative, engaging, and age-appropriate yoga classes for kids. The colorful graphics, fun stories, friendly teachers, and thoughtful themes make this a handy tool for parents who want to introduce the benefits of yoga to their little ones. 
  • Bari Koral: Known for her inventive and catchy songs that center around themes of mindfulness, Bari Koral is a staple in the kids yoga world. Her videos are short, fun, and full of eye-catching animations that get kids excited to move their bodies.
  • KidsYogaStories: Giselle Shardlow takes a unique and playful approach to teaching kids by reading yoga-themed story books that encourage mindful movement. This story-based approach helps keep younger kids engaged who might not have the attention span for a full class. Give her videos a try if your child is age 7 or younger!

Prenatal Yoga

Sarah Beth Yoga

Staying healthy during pregnancy is incredibly important, and these digital instructors ensure that all pregnant people are able to access the healing benefits of yoga. Learn how to work around your baby bump, find safe and relaxing stretches, and connect to your growing child through guided meditations. 

  • Pregnancy and Postpartum TV: This excellent channel not only hosts a huge collection of prenatal yoga classes, but it also provides informative videos on all sorts of pregnancy-related topics for expectant parents. Learn how to safely practice yoga through each trimester, discover techniques for using yoga postures during labor, and feel prepared for after the baby arrives. 
  • Sarah Beth Yoga: One of the most popular YouTube yoga teachers on the interwebs, Sarah Beth has a hefty collection of 5- to 30-minute videos for both prenatal and postnatal yoga. Her straightforward cueing, creative sequences, and extensive anatomical knowledge make her classes enjoyable no matter how far along in the pregnancy you are. 
  • Brett Larkin: Guided by the goal of making yoga accessible and transformative for everyone, Brett Larkin offers many upbeat and easy-to-follow prenatal classes. Her sunny disposition, personal anecdotes, and concise cues will leave you feeling refreshed and centered even when pregnancy hormones are running wild. 

Restorative Yoga

Caren Baginski

Restorative yoga is perfect when you’re feeling stressed, overworked, or unable to sleep. This type of practice involves staying close to the floor for postures where you’re either seated or lying down. Each pose is held for five to twenty minutes at a time, and props such as bolsters, blankets, blocks, and pillows are used to support your body so you feel completely comfortable and relaxed. As your muscles soften, your attention will be gently guided to your breath, thoughts, and bodily sensations to cultivate deep relaxation and a stronger connection to your body. 

  • Caren Baginski: Your go-to expert on all things restorative, Caren Baginski creates beautiful classes that are sequenced around themes of mindfulness, spirituality, and the changing seasons. Apart from her expertly crafted restorative sequences, she also shares guided meditations and morning stretch routines to help you get ready for the day.
  • Ekhart Yoga: Sink into deep relaxation with the curated playlist of restorative classes from Ekhart Yoga. Learn how to correctly use props to support your body and relieve and prevent physical injuries. You can even listen to one of their guided meditations while you’re at it!
  • Jessica Richburg: With her welcoming energy, Jessica Richburg is the perfect teacher to guide you into a state of deep rest. Check out her collection of restorative classes that will move you toward greater peace in your body, mind, and heart.

Vinyasa Flow

Yoga with Tim

Burn off excess energy and break a sweat with these fiery flows. Vinyasa yoga uses repetition, mindful breathing, and strength-building postures to challenge both your body and your mind. Many students refer to it as a type of moving meditation because once you get in the flow, it’s easy to lose track of time. Its most challenging incarnation, power vinyasa, is better suited to yoga practitioners who have a little more experience and knowledge of proper anatomical alignment, but give it a try no matter your experience level and notice how you get stronger the more you practice. 

  • Yoga with Tim: Known for his powerful flows and warm presence, Tim Senesi’s channel is perfect for yogis looking to get sweaty on their mat. He also curates 30-day-challenge playlists, total body workouts, and plenty of shorter videos for people who want to move their muscles but are pressed for time.
  • Shona Vertue: Shona Vertue is here to help you get both sweaty and serene. Her yoga videos are easy to follow, and her warm sense of humor shines through as she teaches. Want even more of a workout? Shona also uploads weightlifting and mobility exercises that are perfect for beginners.
  • Five Parks Yoga: Filmed in beautiful outdoor locations, the vinyasa videos with Erin Sampson of Five Parks Yoga leave you inspired and a little sore (in a good way). Browse her collection of power flows and learn how to do complicated postures such as headstands and crow pose.
  • Bright and Salted Yoga: Arianna Elizabeth posts new videos every Monday and Wednesday that are equal parts grounding and challenging. She focuses on creating content that resonates with BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) students and also offers weekly guided meditations that can help calm the nervous system. 

Yoga Nidra

Bright & Salted Yoga

Yoga nidra roughly translates to “yogic sleep.” Gentle movements and guided visualizations transport you into a state of consciousness that’s in between waking and full sleep where you can rejuvenate and recover. Research has shown that yoga nidra can help alleviate stress, depression, insomnia, and PTSD symptoms. Before hitting play on a yoga nidra video, be sure to set up your space in a comfy manner so you can fully relax into the experience. 

  • Ally Boothroyd: As a Yoga Nidra teacher and trainer, Ally Boothroyd is an expert at helping you find that blissful state of yogic sleep. Her channel features a huge library of nidra practices in addition to sound baths, meditations, and info on healthy sleep cycles.
  • Nids Nidra: Nids Nidra’s soothing British accent guides you into deep relaxation in her curated collection of nidra videos. She also shares lots of wellness tips and tricks that include energy healing, breathwork, fascia release, and more, all with the goal of making self-care a fun and easy part of life.

Body Positive & Accessible Yoga

Jessamyn Stanley

Yoga is for everyone, but we often only see thin, able-bodied, and hyper-flexible people practicing it. These amazing teachers create videos that are accessible for people of all abilities, ages, identities, and experience levels. Even if you are fully able-bodied and flexible, give these videos a try because we can all benefit from learning new techniques from teachers who make this beautiful practice available to a broader community.

  • Jessamyn Stanley: Founder of the inclusive online yoga studio called The Underbelly, Jessamyn Stanley’s real and unfiltered teaching style makes her incredibly appealing and relatable. Her class themes tie in current events, social justice, and mental health alongside the traditional teachings of yoga for a modern and thought-provoking practice. She offers plenty of variations for people of all abilities and skill levels, so you’re bound to find something that supports your unique yoga journey. 
  • Body Positive Yoga: Amber Karnes describes her teaching style as “low-pressure, judgment-free yoga for big bodies, creaky joints, and beginners.” Her compassionate heart shines through in every video as she utilizes props and offers lots of modifications, making yoga enjoyable for everyone who wants to practice mindful movement. 
  • Edyn Love: Rooted in the belief that health is a lifestyle and not a size, Edyn Love shares a wide collection of yoga videos that are nourishing and energizing for people with bodies of all different sizes. Each class ranges in length and style so there’s a little something for everyone on her channel. 

Chair Yoga & Yoga for Seniors


Regular exercise is critical for staying healthy later in life, and these YouTube yoga teachers are experts at creating flows that are suited for older bodies. Learn how to modify traditional postures for various health issues, use props in a supportive manner, and enjoy the feeling of your body no matter your age.

  • Yoga JP: This incredibly popular channel features a large collection of chair yoga classes that are fun, engaging, and accessible for older adults or folks in wheelchairs. They also offer curated playlists of videos taught in Spanish, Russian, Swedish, and several other languages.
  • Yoga Etc: On a mission to prove that age is just a number, Tina teaches easy-to-follow yoga sequences for people of all ages, but gears her classes towards those 60 and up. Her classes are usually 30 minutes or less, and many incorporate the use of chairs or specific postures that help alleviate common health problems, such as low back pain. 
  • The Yoga Room: Specializing in gentle and accessible classes, The Yoga Room has an extensive library of chair yoga routines, yoga for achy knees, and all sorts of other classes that are beneficial for senior students. 
  • Patricia Becker: Patricia Becker’s fun-loving energy and extensive knowledge of yoga shines through in all her classes. Her videos are geared towards older adults with plenty of chair routines, beginner videos, and easy-to-follow language, but everyone can benefit from her upbeat and engaging teaching style. 

Guided Meditation, Chanting, and Pranayama 

Bharti Yoga

Many yoga practitioners use meditation, chanting, breathing (pranayama), and other spiritual practices to deepen their experience of yoga. These digital educators will take you on deep dives into beautiful practices to help you cultivate a stronger connection to your mind, body, and heart. 

  • Heart Alchemy Yoga: Featuring extensive meditation and sound healing playlists, Heart Alchemy Yoga is a great channel to support your spiritual practice. Founder Michelle Goldstein is passionate about the power of maintaining a daily meditation practice and shares her extensive knowledge with all her followers.
  • Meditative Mind: Your one-stop-shop for high vibration music, mantra chanting, and guided meditations! Use this huge collection of videos as background tunes for your home yoga practice or learn Vedic chants that can help rewire your brain for more tranquility, joy, and peace.
  • Bharti Yoga: Bharti Goel’s approachable and charming personality makes all her yoga videos enjoyable, but her playlist of pranayama practices (breathing exercises) really stands out. Learn how specific breath control techniques can enhance your yoga practice and calm your mind.

Yin Yoga

Breathe and Flow

More calming than a vinyasa flow but not quite as still as restorative yoga, yin is often that perfect Goldilocks sweet-spot for beginner yogis. Yin originated in the Taoist tradition and holds each posture for 1 to 5 minutes to help stretch the fascia and ligaments surrounding your muscles. This style of movement deeply alleviates tension and body aches, and it’s often paired with breath practices to settle your nervous system. 

  • Yoga with Kassandra: Yep, Kassandra gets a second mention in our guide to the best yoga YouTube channels! Her yin playlist has more than 100 full-length videos ready for you to explore. Learn how to invite deep rest and move away from anxious thoughts with her gentle, supportive, and compassionate classes. 
  • Breathe and Flow: Husband-and-wife duo Bre and Flo specialize in power vinyasa and strength training, but their wonderful selection of yin classes makes them a must for any student who needs some extra relaxation in their life. Their calm and loving demeanors come across in every video, and they often incorporate interesting education about anatomy and functional movement. 
  • Janice Allerman Yoga: There’s no better way to get a deep-tissue stretch sesh than with Janice Allerman! Her yin classes range in length, and many of them feature tranquil, calming music to help you relax even further. You’ll immediately connect with her welcoming personality, beautiful video backdrops, and thoughtful sequencing. 

No matter what style of yoga you’re drawn to, the most important thing to notice is whether your body, mind, and heart feel good while you’re practicing. We hope this guide of the best YouTube yoga channels is helpful in your journey toward a healthy, balanced, and happy life. 

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