Constant Headaches, Fatigue, and Health Problems Gone in One Year on a Plant-Based Diet

One year ago today, my life changed forever. I feel blessed to have stumbled upon Forks Over Knives. It completely changed my perception of food and what it does to the body. It became clear to me why I had constant headaches, constipation, fatigue, and a general feeling of sickness.


How to Eat to Beat IBS and Heal Your Gut

Presented by Angie Sadeghi, MD

Here are some of the health improvements I noticed once I began my plant-based journey:

    • Skyrocketing energy
    • Renewed ability to sleep through the night
    • I began having daily bowel movements (used to be once or twice a week, if I was lucky)
    • Cleared complexion
    • I shed unnecessary pounds

Previously, I had frequent doctor visits regarding health issues. During the last twelve months, I visited the doctor only once, for a six-month checkup. He was amazed by the results—he had never seen me that healthy! When I told him I had changed what I was eating, he was surprised that I could transform so quickly without the aid of medication.

My husband Frank joined me in eating this way. He was able to get off his blood pressure medicine, and his psoriatic arthritis became nonexistent. We are also both within our ideal weight range, which hasn’t happened in years!

Around six months into my new plant-based lifestyle, I began to exercise. Since I just had my doctor visit and got the thumbs up on my health, I figured why not? I would go for walks around the neighborhood, or ride a bike here and there. I even decided to try jogging, which I hadn’t done since high school. I made it two blocks – woo-hoo!

I made the decision in the beginning of March to participate in an American Heart Association 5K race that was taking place the following month. I wanted to honor the memory of my father who passed away of congestive heart failure. I had six weeks to train for my first race. Just 45 days after running two blocks, I finished the 5K event in less than thirty minutes!

I finally feel healthy and alive! At 39 years old, I can honestly say I do not worry about dying of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or any other preventable disease. I know that I am giving my body everything it needs to thrive. I have never had this much energy. As a runner, my body recovers quickly and my performance is dramatically improved.

I cannot stress the importance of this lifestyle choice. You have control over your health. What are you waiting for?

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