Here's a useful recipe that will work with many different nuts. It's a basic formula to get you started.

Nut milk bags are a great and inexpensive investment (they retail for about $8 to $10 on Amazon or at your local health food store).

By Kris Carr,


  • 1 cup nuts, soaked overnight and rinsed
  • 3 to 4 cups filtered water (depending on how creamy a blend you’d like)
  • Pinch of salt
  • Sweetener to taste


  • Blend the mixture thoroughly, until it looks totally uniform and frothy (a few minutes).
  • To strain, you can use a double layer of cheesecloth or a nut milk bag. Hold your nut milk bag or your cheesecloth over a large bowl, and pour the unstrained nut milk through. Use the bag or cloth to squeeze the contents thoroughly, making sure to extract every drop!
  • Store your nut milk in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 or 4 days.

    Note: I like to use Medjool dates, which contain minerals and antioxidants along with natural sugar, but maple syrup, coconut syrup, and yacon syrup also work well as sweeteners.

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Judi Sweat

I am trying to figure out how to make oat milk. I have searched Amazon and Google and haven't found a good response. Can you make oat milk out of oat groats with a vitamin? I could buy one. I bought a nutramilk but it only makes a cup at a time. Can anyone help me with this issue?


I make my own walnut milk in the smallest Nutribullet container...add small handful of walnuts, then enough hot water to reach the full line. I don't even bother with the nut bag anymore. I just let the solids fall to the bottom, and pour off the top.

Marge Teilhaber

Whether it's oats, nuts, or seeds, it's 1C to 4C water. I soak nuts overnight but never soak oats or seeds (sesame, hemp). I NEVER EVER STRAIN. What a waste that is. I don't use the "milks" for coffee or cereal, only for baking and making sweet potato chocolate pudding so why would I strain it? As soon as it's mixed, I pour 3C into a tray that makes six 1/2C ice cubes and freeze the rest when that tray is free in a few hours. What a pleasure having a nice supply of cubes in the freezer. Save your money and DIY!! It's a very small effort to DIY!


I'd love your sweet potato chocolate pudding recipe, or a link if you're so inclined. Sounds great!

Carol C

After several years of using a food processor to make nut milk I purchased a NutraMilk. It is totally worth the price. The "residue" can be used in any number of ways. I like to add chia seeds and/or oats to make overnight oats. I also blend it with fresh fruit.


I used to buy dribs and drabs of bulk soybeans, and making soy milk for one person, I still found the 7-pound bag of Soymerica organic soybeans more useful for me. No "rotten bean" smell. I have used several bags over the last two or so years.



Jewell Ogle

without the factory, truck, gasoline, etc.


Thanks for the info. I’ve made cashew milk before but never strained it. Why do you strain it?

Sandra Koster

Yes, use all expelled products from nut milks to carrot pulp etc, to either bake breads, or make soups, vegan burgers, pancakes, cookies, nut loaves, sauces etc. Or, for those with horses, goats, cows, chickens etc. they love it all, but always check what is toxic to each specific animal first. Like, avocados and deadly nightshade fruits are toxic for goats and most birds too.

Karidia Diallo

What do you do woth the residue of nuts?

John Howland

Another alternative that's very easy: just mix 2tbsp almond or cashew butter with 2 cups water in a blender. I got this tip from Dr. Greger over at Nutrition Facts.

Connie T

I would love to make my own milk but am concerned about using the whole fiber part of the plant food(sit, oats, nuts). Seems wasteful not to use the whole plant. Any suggestions?


Doesn’t soy need to be cooked? The beans are toxic unless you cook them. Should be noted here.


Would you suggest adding some sort of oil if the goal is to make it a barista-type milk for frothing?

Jo Archer

"Soak the nuts....." What about oats?


This was what I was thinking....oats (organic) are one of the heros. Why no "make your own oat milk at home" recipes???


I need to know the calcium content as I have osteoporosis.


Quite understandable to maje sure if the calcium content. Two ideas about this, perhaps get your calcium from another plant source (green leafy veg maybe?) and keep having the same amount of that plant food regularly, or look at the package of your plant milk and see the type and amount of calcium they add to the milk, and buy some of it to put in your homemade plant milk. Hope that's helpful. :-)


You can use any combination of any nuts, seeds, and/or oats to make different types of plant-based milks! We like almond/ sunflower seed!

Martha Waltien

We use a soymilk maker. And we get organic soybeans. You can get them if you live near a Korean or Asian supermarket. We have no difficulty finding organic. All we add is a little bit of real vanilla. After the soy milk has been made in the machine.


Hi, Is it possible to know how are the nutritional informations, like fat, protein, etc... Thank you.

Sandra Frazier

Thank you

Amy Goetz

I use the Almond Cow to make my plant milk. 2/3 cup cashews + 1/3 cup organic coconut flakes + 3 Medjool dates, + 1 tsp vanilla. about 6 cups of water. It's so yummy. - Turn on the machine. Fast and easy.

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