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Lucie Monk Carter

Lucie Monk Carter is a food writer and photographer based in South Louisiana. She enjoys a career of exploring how the things we eat inform the way we live. When not cooking or writing, Lucie can be found very ardently attempting to hit the notes as she sings all manner of songs to her young daughter. She also likes crosswords. You can find her on Instagram at @theluciewholunches.

Lucie Monk Carter

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What I Learned During Forks Over Knives’ 21-Day Challenge

When a new hobby or lifestyle shift starts to feel the least bit good, I pick up the pace. The day I…

Vegan Meal Planner see article

Plant-Based Diaries Week 3: Stewing, Simmering, Savoring

I’m not much for measuring spoons in savory cooking. When the saucepan is warm to my touch, I upend the bottle of…

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Plant-Based Diaries Week 3: Prep Talk

When following a recipe for dinner, it’s one thing to forget an ingredient at the store. Shallots can, up to a point,…

Plant-based dinner prep see article

Plant-Based Diaries Week 2: Put a Lid On It

After letting a few too many cabbage heads die in the crisper, I’m coming around to the beauty of canned goods. Cylindrical,…

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Plant-Based Diaries Week 2: Building a Better Lunch

I tend to behave horribly at lunch. When noon rolls around, I ask my poor, work-ravaged, sedentary body, “Now what do you…

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Plant-Based Diaries Week 1: Look, Ma—No Oil!

I’ll eat breakfast foods at any time of day but rarely manage to before 10 a.m. I’m not the type to sleep…

Vegan Banana Pancakes with Blueberries see article

Plant-Based Diaries Week 1: Adventures in Breakfast Prep

Editor’s Note: This month is the second annual Forks Over Knives Fresh Start Challenge, our free 21-day program for adopting a plant-based…

WFPB Diaries Fresh Start Challenge Week 1 Prep see article

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