Eleven days have passed since we launched the film website and trailer. I am overwhelmed by the initial response: more than 10,000 views on YouTube and the number of Facebook fans has risen five times. Thank you for your support—and your continuing efforts to share the word will help us get this message to the public.

I heard Bill Maher say not too long ago that the health care debate is missing one thing: a discussion of health.  It surprises me how little we hear about it. The focus is mostly on who should pay for it. It seems if we can address the health issue, it would substantially lessen the stress on the “who pays” question.


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The message of Drs. Campbell, Esselstyn and others is that there is strong evidence that a diet based in whole plant foods can be used to address the health problem in a significant way. Are they on to something?

I have been persuaded over the past several years by this concept. I think many other people will be too the more they learn about it. And for those who aren’t sure, will they agree that at least it should be incorporated into the discussion?

In other news, we finished the presentation version of the film this week. After more than a year of production, it’s great seeing the film’s components—the visuals, graphics, music, sound effects, etc.—together as one. This version will be used in test screenings, which will be followed by high-definition and final editing.

We are shifting from a production to a marketing phase. I will miss the day-to-day production, but am excited for the journey ahead.  Working on the film has been the best experience of my professional career. I’m looking forward to sharing Forks Over Knives, and hope many people will find it informative, entertaining, and helpful to their lives.

Older man in an orange sweater with a hand on his heart and a hand on his belly, breathing deeply
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