We are pleased to announce the launch of the new ForksOverKnives.com!

Our goal has always been to bring you the leading information in the plant-based world – and to that end, ForksOverKnives.com will feature daily blogs from an elite network of contributors. These contributors will include medical doctors, dietitians, chefs, athletes and more, who will write about, first and foremost, the diet and health connection.  We will also include blogs on plant-based fitness and how food choices impact the world around us.


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Note that we will announce new articles on Facebook, Twitter and Google +, so please follow us on these social media channels to learn about the latest postings.

We remain committed to bringing you valuable information and intriguing stories – the kind of which, we hope, will have a positive and lasting impact on your lives and the lives of the people around you.

Enjoy the new ForksOverKnives.com, and we look forward to the conversations ahead!

Brown ceramic saucepan full of cooked brown rice, with a wooden spoon nestled beneath the rice
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