If you are worried about maintaining or improving your fitness while traveling, here are some of my best tips and tricks to help you stay fit while on the road.

1. Go for a walk or run to explore the city you are in.

If you’re a runner, look online to find a recommended running route and see some sights that way.

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2. Rent a bike and go for a cruise around town.

3. If your hotel has a pool, go for a quick swim.

4. Find a local gym or yoga studio that has drop-in or daily rates.

5. Do a bodyweight workout in your hotel room.

The easiest way to sneak in a workout while traveling is by doing a bodyweight workout in your hotel room. There are plenty of exercises you can do using your own body mechanics. With just a few square feet of floor space and a little motivation, you can become your own living, breathing fitness center.

My favorite bodyweight exercises include push-ups, crunches, squats, lunges, calf raises, and jumps. I can do these anywhere, regardless of where I am. Perform multiple sets of these exercises and stretch afterwards, just as you would in the gym. (See the video below for a 5-minute workout you can do anywhere.)

6. For longer trips, hit the local supermarket.

When you arrive at your destination, stop by a supermarket to load up on some produce and snacks. You can find fruit, vegetables and hummus, nut butters and crackers, and a variety of ready-made plant-based dishes such as vegetable sushi and salads at nearly any mainstream grocery store.

7. Prepare snacks in advance.

One of the best ways to ensure you have the energy to exercise regularly, even with a busy schedule, is to consume the foods that provide you with the best overall nutrition (whole plant foods). It is easy to get sidetracked when you’re tired and off-schedule and to crave foods filled with fats, sugar and salt. One way to overcome the desire to eat unhealthy processed junk foods is to bring quality foods that you enjoy with you while you’re traveling. Pack your favorite fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other snack foods. If you can, bring along some of your favorite prepared dishes for your plane, train, bus, or car ride.

8. Find creative ways to move during the day.

If you can’t fit in a “workout,” try to get creative while you are going about your day. Here are some ideas you can use anywhere:

  • Do calf raises while you’re waiting in line, whether you’re at a tourist attraction, waiting for the elevator, or in line at a bank.
  • Opt to take the stairs or always go the long way around if you have the time.
  • While shopping, do arm curls while carrying your grocery basket or the things you are planning to purchase.

The best way to achieve consistent desired results is to create a consistent routine that produces the outcomes you seek. From my experience, the easiest way to create a consistent routine is to care deeply about the goals you’re pursuing. Rather than seeing exercise and healthy eating as a chore or a burden, as you may have at some point in your life, see them as meaningful destinations you’re working toward. When you do, you will likely feel compelled to want to eat well and exercise regularly, and the tools outlined above should make your pursuit easier as you travel through life.

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