In January of 2009, at the age of 32, I weighed 400 lbs. — a result of years of addictive eating, fueled by a lifetime of loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Like all addicts, I used my drug of choice (food) to disconnect and anesthetize myself from painful emotions.

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My food addiction led to serious health complications, including an umbilical hernia, prediabetes, difficulty walking or standing, and many more. Life had truly become unbearable, and I had become someone I did not want to be. In January of 2009, determined to make a change, I conjured a mental picture of how I wanted to look and feel. From that day on, I began re-educating myself to make better, more informed decisions about my health.

I started with a book that I owned, about the healthiest foods on the planet, and then I came across the Forks Over Knives documentary on Netflix. Wow – what a life-changer! Almost effortlessly, I began to shed pounds by eating a satisfying and delicious whole-food, plant-based diet. And as of today I have dropped 225 lbs. and am working on a number of endurance athletics goals. I was once blind to the consequences of my choices. Today I am not, and for that I am truly grateful!

These days, I make my living as a health and life coach who seeks to inspire, motivate, and help others. I feel truly blessed to have experienced all that I have, and to have healed myself to a point where I can provide others with a sense of possibility for their own transformation.

Thank you all for making Forks Over Knives. I feel in my heart that this is truly one of the most important documentaries ever made because it empowers people with truths that can shift entrenched personal and societal patterns. I personally suggest the film to anyone who seeks to switch to a healthy lifestyle. It’s so rewarding to share this important and life-changing information with people I love!

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