Celine Beitchman

Celine Beitchman was an instructor, curriculum developer and director at the Natural Gourmet Institute for 10 years. She studied under the school’s founder, Annemarie Colbin, PhD, and is an expert in nutrition education for healthcare professionals, chefs, and home cooks alike, with a master’s in nutrition and integrative health. Chef Celine has prior experience as a private chef and in special events, catering, kitchen production, operations and management. She’s appeared in Bon Appetit, Brit + Co, HuffPost, and Mind Body Green as a health food expert. Chef Celine joined the Institute of Culinary Education as the school’s Director of Nutrition in 2019 to teach Health-Supportive Culinary Arts career classes and coming professional development courses in culinary nutrition and food therapy.

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Ingredient IQ: Squash Blossoms

Editor’s Note: In January 2019, the Institute of Culinary Education launched the Natural Gourmet Center, a plant-centric and wellness-driven culinary arts program. We’ll be featuring…

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Ingredient IQ: Dandelions

Editor’s Note: In January 2019, the Institute of Culinary Education launched the Natural Gourmet Center, a plant-centric and wellness-driven culinary arts program….

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