Kerry Graff, MD

Dr. Kerry Graff is a family physician in upstate New York who emphasizes lifestyle as the predominant method for preventing and treating disease. She serves as Chief Medical Officer of 4Leaf Global and is co-author of The 4Leaf Guide to Vibrant Health. Learn more.

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Most Doctors Want You to Get Healthier, and are not in Bed with Big Pharma

Once my patients learn about the huge role diet has on their health, they often express anger that their previous physicians did…

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Love is a Far Better Motivator Than Fear

The following is an excerpt from The 4Leaf Guide to Vibrant Health. I had the good fortune to hear Dr. Dean Ornish…

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How I Got Rid of Extra Weight, Prediabetes, and Depression … and Inspired My Patients to Do the Same

The Day I Started Questioning My Medical Training I must confess that when I watched theĀ Forks Over KnivesĀ (FOK) documentary a few years…

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