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World’s Largest Team of Vegan Strength Athletes Set to Compete at 2022 Mr. America Competition

Photo by Doc List Photography As one of the world’s most iconic sports festivals, the Mr. America competition calls to mind images…

The 2022 PlantBuilt VeganStrong Team Competing at Mr. America Bodybuilding Competition see article

These Food Banks Are Changing the Game with Healthy Vegan Options

Diet is a huge determinant in a range of diseases, influencing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer….

bags of groceries from a vegan food bank see article

Dr. Sheil Shukla Highlights Vegan Indian Recipes in Vibrant New Cookbook

When Sheil Shukla, DO, went vegan on New Year’s Eve in 2014, it wasn’t love at first bite. “I tried making a…

Chef and doctor Sheil Shukla, MD, beside his new Plant-Based India cookbook see article

Plant-Based Doctor Judy Brangman Is a Physician on a Mission

Dr. Judy Brangman (aka The Plant Based MD) utilizes her background as an internal medicine and lifestyle medicine physician to heal her…

Doctor Judy Brangman holding an avocado in a kitchen with lots of fresh produce on the counter see article

How Carleigh Bodrug’s Oil-Free Plant-Based Instagram Posts Became a Bestselling Vegan Cookbook

Boasting nearly 1 million followers on Instagram, a recipe website, and a popular podcast, plant-based wunderkind Carleigh Bodrug just released her most…

PlantYou author Carleigh Bodrug hugging her orange cat next to an image of the Plant You Cookbook cover see article

Catching up with Weight-Loss Warrior Chef AJ

Photo by Jamie Everhart Chef AJ is a force to be reckoned with. Since overcoming her own struggles with obesity and food…

Chef AJ see article

Dreena Burton Focuses on Tasty, Everyday Recipes in 6th Plant-Based Cookbook

For many plant-based foodies, vegan cookbook author Dreena Burton is a household name. Her sixth book, Dreena’s Kind Kitchen: 100+ Whole-Foods Vegan…

Dreena Burton headshot and cookbook cover see article

Meet Columbus Batiste, MD, the Plant-Based Cardiologist Changing Hearts and Minds

After watching his father suffer from diabetes, cardiologist Columbus Batiste, MD, went plant-based and launched the Integrative Cardiovascular Disease Program at California’s…

Cardiologist Columbus Batiste, MD, speaking see article

These Game-Changing U.S. Hospitals Grow Their Own Produce for Hospital Meals and More

Fresh, healthy food is often an afterthought in the American health care system, but some forward-thinking U.S. hospitals are changing the game…

Sky Farm Hospital at Eskenazi see article

Harlem Globetrotter Kris ‘Hi-Lite’ Bruton on Powering Up with a Plant-Based Diet

In 2017, Harlem Globetrotter Kris “Hi-Lite” Bruton, who’s known for his high-flying slam dunks and entertaining on-court antics, pledged his allegiance to…

Harlem Globetrotter Hi-Lite Bruton see article

Raw Power: Pro Surfer Tia Blanco on the Foods that Fuel Her

Pro surfer Tia Blanco shreds her competition. An International Surfing Association gold medalist, the 22-year-old is a champion of veganism, Instagramming veggie…

see article

Meet the Founder of the Plant-Based Support Group That’s Thriving in Michigan

Paul Chatlin was lying on a hospital gurney, sick with heart disease and preparing for bypass surgery, when his cardiologist asked him…

Paul Chatlin speaking to plant-based nutrition support group see article