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Forks. Plant Based Recipes

Forks Over Knives Recipe App

#1 Food & Drink Recipe App on the App Store

Our essential plant-based recipe app puts hundreds of delicious whole-food, plant-based recipes at your fingertips.

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New recipes added every week

Our team of top chefs is working hard to keep your plant-based meals interesting. The FOK app makes it easy to find new favorite dishes that adhere to the whole-food, plant-based diet.


Easy, intuitive features

Every recipe includes simple, step-by-step instructions and the option to add notes and mark favorites for easy access. You can also send recipes to a built-in shopping list, where ingredients are automatically sorted by aisle.


  • description 400+ whole-food, plant-based recipes
  • description Updated weekly with new dishes
  • description Easy, step-by-step instructions
  • description Convenient built-in shopping list
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Frequently Asked Questions

What People Are Saying


The interface is clean, professional and well designed. More importantly, the recipes are just as clean and well thought-out as the app itself.


I was afraid that the recipes would be too small to read on my phone, but the photos and instructions are so clear and well organized that it’s a breeze.


This app makes preparing plant-based meals easy, from a built in shopping list to step by step directions & a spot for me to add my own twist…I’m a fan!


Great app! The pics are bright and show off the food. Love the recipe instructions with the quick tap that reveals the ingredients needed for each step. And of course, the food tastes awesome.


Everything about this app is great! The recipes are delicious, and it’s updated often with new ones. I LOVE the landscape view – it makes cooking way easier. All in all, it’s a really beautiful and functional app. Love love love it!


The thing I really love about this app is the ability to take a recipe and add all the ingredients to an easy to use shopping list with the push of a button. The food tastes great and it offers a good variety of new dishes to try.

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