No, Grass-Fed Beef is Not Better for the Planet

Bill Ripple, PhD, distinguished professor of ecology and well-known researcher at Oregon State University, has spent over 20 years researching the roles of large carnivores in ecological systems around the world. He began his work researching the beneficial effects that… Read more

Why Hormones Matter and Three Ways to Mess Them Up

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What Do the Healthiest, Longest-Living People in the World Eat?

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Why Whole Grains Should Be Part of Your Diet

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Inspired by Forks Over Knives, Dublin, Ohio Employees Adopt Plant-Based Diet with Success

The City of Dublin, Ohio is serious about health. City leaders have implemented programs to educate both its 40,000 residents and 370 employees on the benefits of plant-based eating. The community-based program, Healthy Dublin, has featured speakers, including Caldwell Esselstyn,… Read more