Celebrity Talk

Michael Baisden Celebrity Talk

Michael Baisden – Radio Personality

“Forks Over Knives broke it down in such a way that it really changed the way I ate. This documentary can not only help your health, it can save your life.”

Kristin Bauer Celebrity Talk

Kristin Bauer – Actress

“I am so grateful to Forks Over Knives for telling this story. I am familiar with many of the experts in this movie and I am happy to see their knowledge highlighted.”

Kristen Bell Celebrity Talk

Kristen Bell – Actress

“Forks Over Knives outlines an extremely compelling approach to the prevention of heart disease and cancer.”

Russell Brand Celebrity Talk

Russel Brand – Actor

“I’m now vegan, goodbye eggs, hello Ellen.”

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Jenn Brown Celebrity Talk

Jenn Brown – T.V. Host / Model

“Just watched a great doc. Forks Over Knives on the American diet and cancer. I think EVERYONE should watch it. Especially if you have kids!”

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Yvette Brown Celebrity Talk

Yvette Brown – Actress & Comedian

“Loved the film. It will change and save lives”

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Dr Joy Browne Celebrity Talk

Dr. Joy Browne – Psychologist / Radio Personality

“I highly recommend it. It was very eye-opening.”

James Cameron Celebrity Talk

James Cameron – Film Director

“I watched that film Forks Over Knives. I went into the kitchen, I took everything out of the kitchen that was not a plant – and for 5 1/2 months I’ve eaten only plants.”

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Nick Carter Celebrity Talk

Nick Carter – Musician

“Two documentaries I think you should watch: Food Inc. and Forks Over Knives. Just don’t say I told you, could get in trouble by higher powers.”

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DJ Pauly D Celebrity Talk

DJ Pauly D – T.V. Personality & DJ

“Just watched a movie called Forks Over Knives. Basically changed my life!”

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Danny Devito Celebrity Talk

Danny DeVito – Actor

“Saw ‘fork over knife’ today good doc.”

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“See the movie ‘Fork over Knife’ it’s a trip.”

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Josh Duhamel Celebrity Talk

Josh Duhamel – Actor

“Eye opening. Everyone should see it.”

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Eliza Dushku Celebrity Talk

Eliza Dushku – Actress

“We watched Forks Over Knives and are going for a plant-based diet–that doc is astounding!”

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Roger Ebert Celebrity Talk

Roger Ebert – Film Critic

“Here is a film that can save your life. I am convinced this message is true. A plant-based whole foods diet is healthy. Animal protein is not necessary.”

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arian foster Celebrity Talk

Arian Foster – Football Player

“Great film.”

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Rory Freedman Celebrity Talk

Rory Freedman – Author

“Forks Over Knives is so compelling, impactful and timely. It’s changing and saving lives.”

Kathy Freston Celebrity Talk

Kathy Freston – Author

“Forks Over Knives is truly a game-changer in the area of food and health.”

Tony Gonzalez Celebrity Talk

Tony Gonzalez – Football Player

“Forks Over Knives is a must-see film that shows convincingly how plant foods can be at the center of a health revolution.”

Ariana Grande Celebrity Talk

Ariana Grande – Singer / Songwriter

“Forks Over Knives is one of the most eye opening, enlightening films I’ve ever seen.”

Sanjay Gupta Celebrity Talk

Sanjay Gupta, M.D. – Medical Correspondent

“It’s a great film!”

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Bob Harper Celebrity Talk

Bob Harper – Fitness Trainer / T.V. Personality

“A documentary called Forks Over Knives was made recently and is so powerful.”

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Carrie Ann Celebrity Talk

Carrie Ann Inaba – Dancer / Actress

“We saw that amazing documentary Forks Over Knives and that cleared everything up for us. Every Sunday we’re going to the farmers market now, getting our fresh fruits and veggies. It’s just two weeks, but we feel much better.”

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Brody Jenner Celebrity Talk

Brody Jenner – Reality T.V. Personality

“I have another incredible documentary for all of you to check out. It’s called Forks Over Knives. Get ready to learn.”

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John Bloodclot Joseph Celebrity Talk

John “Bloodclot” Joseph – Punk Rocker

“I’ve never seen a documentary have a greater impact on people’s eating habits. I know and hear about people all the time who change their diets after just a single viewing.”

Joanna Krupa Celebrity Talk

Joanna Krupa – Supermodel

“Amazing documentary.”

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Olga Kurylenko Celebrity Talk

Olga Kurylenko – Actress & Model

“Saw an amazing documentary, Forks Over Knives. Everyone should see it and learn the power and medicinal features of food!”

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Bill Maher Celebrity Talk

Bill Maher – T.V. Personality

“A terrific film.”

Shay Mitchell Celebrity Talk

Shay Mitchell – Actress / Model

“Finally watching the documentary, Forks Over Knives. I highly recommend it.”

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Moby Celebrity Talk

Moby – Musician

“I highly encourage you to see it, as it’s an amazing movie about the health consequences of eating animals.”

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Jason Mraz Celebrity Talk

Jason Mraz – Singer / Songwriter

“For those curious or concerned about a plant-based diet, check out the film Forks Over Knives. It’s a life changer.”

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Steve Nash Celebrity Talk

Steve Nash – Basketball Player

“If you know anyone with cancer, diabetes, hypertension or obesity watch Forks Over Knives. Be a part of this healthy movement.”

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Ozzy Osbourne Celebrity Talk

Ozzy Osbourne – Rock Musician

“My assistant showed me a video called Forks and Knives or something, about cutting out meat and dairy products, so I thought, ‘I’ll give this a shot!’”

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Dr Oz Celebrity Talk

Dr. Oz – T.V. Personality

“I saw it, I loved it, and I need all of you to see it too. This could be the Hail Mary of medicine.”

Katy Perry Celebrity Talk

Katy Perry – Singer / Songwriter

“Me and the Mr. just watched Forks Over Knives. It’s a pretty cool doc for anyone interested.”

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kelly pickler Celebrity Talk

Kellie Pickler – Musician & T.V. Personality

“Watching Forks Over Knives….have y’all seen this? I will forever continue being a vegetarian.”

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Troy Polamalu Celebrity Talk

Troy Polamalu – Football Player

“Movie of the week for Oct 24th is Forks Over Knives.”

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Robin Quivers Celebrity Talk

Robin Quivers – Radio Personality

“For those who need a scientific approach to determining whether the nutritional information you’re getting is valid, there’s Forks Over Knives.”

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Emmy Rossum Celebrity Talk

Emmy Rossum – Actress

“Interesting film about the correlation between food and disease. Watch it.”

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Dax Shepard Celebrity Talk

Dax Shepard – Actor

“Forks Over Knives changed my life.”

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alicia silverstone Celebrity Talk

Alicia Silverstone – Actress

“I have dreamed about a film like this to exist for a long time … I truly feel that this film is SO good.”

Kelly Slater Celebrity Talk

Kelly Slater – Surfer

“I’ve been watching food documentaries from Netflix like Forks Over Knives and The Future of Food.”

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Amy Smart Celebrity Talk

Amy Smart – Actress

“Forks Over Knives, wow, lives up to its reputation, so inspiring and life changing!!”

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Steve O Celebrity Talk

Steve-O – Stunt Performer

“The best documentary about food, Forks Over Knives. Very important film, please see it.”

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Victoria Stillwell Celebrity Talk

Victoria Stillwell – Dog Trainer / T.V. Personality

“Just watched the documentary Forks Over Knives. I recommend you do too.”

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George Stroumboulopoulos Celebrity Talk

George Stroumboulopoulos – Canadian T.V. Personality

“A documentary about what we eat, why we eat, how we eat, and if you want to be healthy how you can do it. It’s the reason I’m currently eating plant-based–it’s Forks Over Knives.”

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Kat Von D Celebrity Talk

Kat Von D – Tattoo Artist / T.V. Personality

“I highly recommend watching the documentary Forks Over Knives. Wow.”

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Olivia Wilde Celebrity Talk

Olivia Wilde – Actress

“Watching Forks Over Knives and remembering why veganism is pretty damn health-savvy.”

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Hayley Williams Celebrity Talk

Hayley Williams – Singer / Songwriter

“Watching Forks Over Knives. Everyone should see this film.”

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Oprah Winfrey Celebrity Talk

Oprah Winfrey – Talk Show Host

“Forks Over Knives is a provocative documentary that explores the idea of using food as medicine.”

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Evan Rachel Wood Celebrity Talk

Evan Rachel Wood – Actress

“Do yourself a favour. Watch Forks Over Knives. It sticks with you. Phew!”

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Steve Wynn Celebrity Talk

Steve Wynn – Casino Owner

“Forks Over Knives should have a profound impact on future generations and their dietary choices.”

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