Posted on April 24, 2013 in Success Stories

After a Year of Terrible Health, Forks Over Knives Has Me Back on Track

2012 was a terrible year for my health. Already suffering from high blood pressure and asthma, I contracted seven lung infections, which required steroids and antibiotics that wrecked havoc with my digestive system and sapped my metabolism. I knew something had to give and even tried probiotics as a gentler way to bring my digestion into balance ā€“ but nothing was working.

Then a friend told me about Forks Over Knives. On the evening of February 7, I watched the film. I knew this was the answer. The next day, I changed over to a plant-based diet, utilizing the Happy Herbivore and Engine 2 websites for recipes and information. The meals were delicious! It made a cook out of me ā€“ someone who hated to cook before!

After just two months, Iā€™m already seeing amazing results. My asthma is gone, my digestion issues have been resolved, and my blood pressure, which previously registered 140/92, is now normal at 110/70. My skin and eyesight have improved and I have also lost 16 pounds to date. In addition, I have stopped all medications and probiotics, sleep soundly every night and rarely get tired during the day.

The transformation has been absolutely astonishing. You have opened my eyes to good health and given me invaluable information on how to stay well without drugs. Thank you for telling us what many doctors will not ā€“ that a whole-foods, plant-based diet is the simplest way to attain fantastic health and feel amazing in the process, no matter what your prior condition.