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Why I looked away from my High University Choice

The choice of my third choice, even though he was accepted into my first choice for the university, was a turning point for me …
I wanted to study in the Western’s IVEY program through school. It was almost exclusive based on my back, that he was. Most of them. prestigious. business program …
So when it’s time to go to the universides, I didn’ t even think twice. It was an obvious school of first choice. And, of course, like so many other students, I went to other schools because, well, you’re afraid you won’t be accepted anywhere …
I wanted to choose not only my common perception, but also the factors, tired to the university life that will really Affect me …
But when I was accepted by all five university programs I applied to (!), I realized that I really had a serious decision to think about. By interrupting a school that you will not only visit for the next four years of your life, but also the school that is going to start you in your future career should not be taken lightly …
I wanted to choose not only my common perception, but also the factors, tired to the university life that will really Affect me …
I decided to go to the Shulić Business School (original I was in third place), and I don’t regret it. When I clicked to accept my offer, I had the feeling that it was the right decision for me …
It scores me by taking time to look at various aspects of the universe and programmes I have applied to make the world a difference in the peace of the proposal of the proposal. Yes, this decision was a study, research, and a big study (which didn ‘ t stop after you made the use) ..
You can learn something from my process, regarless of which programs you used (do not enough have to be a business).
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I consider such things as cost, campus, whether I want to move away from home, what the current students thought about this university program, where the grants of this program went into their careers, and the rating of the programs. I think that these factors at least need to be seen to make the choice as big as the university is …
Do you have to leave or stay at home?
I feel that person can quickly divide people into two different groups. My parents played a huge role in my move decision. Luckily for my parents, moving from home to IVEY was something I realized, I don’t want to assist, either. I may have convinced them to let me go, but the thought of living alone in the first year was very scary. This jump, for me personally, was something I knew I could be more open in my upper years. And even though my house is out of school for more than an hour, I’ve decided to stay in my residence. For me, the advantages of being home outweighed the negatives ..
How much did I want to pay?The cost was an important factor for me in choosing which offer to accept (it may not be the same for you, and it is perfectly normal). Training feeds in the west IVEY, plus restraint, triple the value of Shulykha per year. The move would also mean that I would pay for food, hydro, electric bills, etc. Not cheap! As a student of Shulyha, my expenses have been demojative, which was a serious positive in making a decision on Shuliha ..
What did the current students say to me?
I know it may not be for everybody, but because some of the schools that I decided were close enough for me to go and visit, I was able to attend the open house of Shulikhs (Dean’s reception). To be honest, I was very relnet to go, but the opportunity to see the campus (more about it below) and get a chance to talk to the current students was priceless ..
The first year in the group Facebook about their experience in the first year is to ask about this.
And if you can’t get into the open house, that is 99% chance \”Class 2021-School name\” Facebook group exists on the Internet, where you can post your questions and get answers from the actual students. In the first year in the Facebook group about their experiences, about their activities, campus students, and anything else, it is worth asking for the upper part of the year. I have received the answers I received with salt, because my experience with the same course or campus may be quite different (we are, after all, we are two different people), but to see the types of different people), but to see the types of different and experienced more about the experiences of others, and whether they correspondence to my interests, was very profiitable for me…


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