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  1. My Surgeon, unpon learning about my brother's heart attack at 47 years old, and 98% blockage of his main artery to his heart, wrote me a prescription that I watch this movie called "FOrks over Knives". I watched it and the evidence presetned was very compelling to move toward a whole foods plant based diet. As a full fledged carnivore myself, I love bacon, eggs, steak, chicken, and anything I can put ranch or BBQ sauce on. However, I have made a decision to change and take the challenge to improve my health managing what I eat rather than the alternative, which requires knives and doctors down the road, and try and reverse the affects of a poor processed food, animal food diet.

    I highly recommend this movie to anyone concerned about their health. I only wish this had come out in my 20's. So here is to a long, health y life world! So long meat and dairy products! Going vegan now!

  2. Keep me posted. I have been thinking of doing this as well. I am all about the meat, but I think I like living more.

  3. Really not that hard when you realize what's at stake. It's all mental and when you start to view sugar and artificial stuff as poison you won't want to eat it.

  4. I spent 10 mos of nutrition research trying to save my mom, but it was too late for her so do it for all your girls and yourself. It's worth it!!!!

  5. watched it twice. made a believer out of me. my health is more important than following traditions. next step: clean out all the junk from my pantry and refrigerator and go shopping for new healthy foods.

  6. I love the ideas of incorporating plant based foods into your daily diet. Its foing to take lots of disciplin to totally remove meat, carbs ( my favorite) out of my diet, but I definately will start slowly eating more fruits and vegetables. I have already eliminated red meat and pork from my daily diet, so this will be the ultimate next step!

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