Forks Over Knives to Offer Online Course in Whole-Food, Plant-Based Cooking

Forks Over Knives is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Rouxbe Cooking School to deliver an online cooking course specializing in FOK-style, whole-food, plant-based meal preparation.

The course will provide comprehensive, step-by-step instructions on how to transform fruits, vegetable, tubers, whole grains, and legumes into delicious healthy meals, empowering students to become skilled and confident cooks. It will cover all the important lessons needed to master the plant-based kitchen, such as cutting and preparing vegetables; effectively using herbs and spices; cooking without animal products and oil; and making delicious soups, entrées, and desserts.

“Cooking at home is potentially the healthiest, because it’s where we have full control of our ingredients, ” says Brian Wendel, president and founder of Forks Over Knives. “The first-class course we’re developing with Rouxbe will provide the easy pathway needed for people to create their own delicious, satisfying, and healthy plant-based meals.”

The three-month course will be accessible from any mobile device and will allow students to move through the material at their own pace. After learning new techniques, students will be given practical assignments, and each module will be completed with an assessment quiz. There will also be a live online question & answer sessions with expert staff.

“The Forks Over Knives documentary and books have convinced so many people about the power of plant-based foods,” says Joe Girard, cofounder and CEO of Rouxbe. “I’m honored Rouxbe will partner with FOK to teach plant-based cooking skills to the growing number of individuals and families who are looking to live healthier and happier lives.”

First-come, first-served registration is now open for the inaugural course, which begins August 1st, 2015. Seating is limited. Sign up here.

Updated June 17, 2015.

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