Smoky Sweet Potato Burgers

I love a good bean burger, but sweet potato burgers are in a category of their own! These smoky-sweet but spicy burgers will dazzle anyone they’re served to, so if your friends tend to snub bean burgers and other meat… Read more

Chipotle Pasta

Don’t be put off by the long list of ingredients; this recipe comes together quickly and is relatively effortless. Just stir, heat, dump—go! It’s the sassy sister to mac ‘n’ cheese, with healthy additions like beans, corn, and tomato slipped… Read more

Vegan Worcestershire Sauce

Most commercial Worcestershire sauces contain anchovies, although there are a few vegetarian brands on the market. While nothing beats the ease of bottled sauce, this DIY recipe is allergen-free and very inexpensive to make. Worcestershire sauce is traditionally used as… Read more

Kidney Bean Bites

One afternoon I grabbed what I thought was corn from the freezer but later realized it was mixed vegetables. Once they thawed on the counter I knew they weren’t going back in, so I looked for a new, inventive way… Read more

Banana Ice Cream

This banana-based ice cream is so easy to make and the number-one reason why I always have frozen bananas in my freezer. Anytime the craving for rich and creamy ice cream hits, make this instead! P.S. I love (love!) topping… Read more

Breakfast Tacos

I’m always looking for ways to slip more vegetables into my diet (particularly at breakfast) and these tacos hit the nail on the head: greens, beans, and sweet potatoes before lunch? I can feel good about that! Bonus: They are… Read more

Pumpkin Bean Bars

A wonderful pumpkin bar made with beans and other wholesome ingredients. For a chocolate-pumpkin bean brownie, use ¼ cup cocoa in place of ¼ cup oats. You can also use black beans for the chocolate recipe to get the right brownie color…. Read more

Tips for Eating Healthfully While Traveling Abroad

I admit, while I love traveling, I was a little nervous the first time I decided to take a trip abroad after adopting a whole-food, plant-based diet. Sure I was an old pro at navigating the restaurants in my town,… Read more

Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are a popular appetizer in several Asian cuisines: Taiwanese, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese, just to name a few. The fillings often vary with the seasons, which is why you might see them referred to as both spring… Read more

5-Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

Chocolate cake? Check. Single serving? Check. Made nearly instantly? Oh yeah! This whole-wheat chocolate mug cake goes from flour to in your mouth in under 5 minutes. From Everyday Happy Herbivore Instructions:  1. In a small bowl, whisk flour, sugar, cocoa,… Read more